Language Tag: da-DK
Language Description: Danish
Version: 2.0
Effective Date: 1 October 2004
    Registry: Museum Domain Management Association
Contact: Cary Karp
Address: Box 50007, SE-10405 Stockholm, Sweden
Tel: +46 70 629 8176 Fax: +46 70 384 3246

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This document describes the Internationalized Domain Names (IDN) Character Table used by MuseDoma in the .MUSEUM TLD registry for the registration of .MUSEUM domains in the Danish language. The policies for the application of this table are described in detail in the document referenced above and are in compliance with the ICANN Guidelines for the Implementation of Internationalized Domain Names. The present document is intended for publication in the IANA IDN Character Table Registry. It is provided exclusively for the information of prospective holders of domains in .MUSEUM and for the users of resources within those domains. It is not to be taken as a normative statement about the use of the Danish language in any other context.

Base characters are listed at the start of each line in this table by giving their Unicode code points in U+xxxx format. If a base character is followed by a vertical line "|", the code point to the right of that line is a variant of the base character. A hyphen "-" between code points indicates a character string. Text appearing to the right of a number sign "#" is an explanatory comment about a code point or group of code points.

This table conforms to current Danish orthographic and lexicographic practice as described by the Danish Language Council in the publication "Retskrivningsordbogen" (Orthographic Dictionary), 3rd edition, 2001 (3rd printing, 2004). In addition to the basic Danish alphabet, this authority recognizes foreign letters in proper nouns and loan words and explicitly lists selected such characters in exemplification of this. These characters are included in the present table for corresponding illustrational purposes. The use of several diacritical marks applied to characters in the basic Danish alphabet is also recognized but only selected resulting code points are included in this table.

Unlisted accented and foreign characters may be individually permitted in Danish language domains in .MUSEUM if the requesting entity can demonstrate warrant for doing so and the desired code points are explicitly included as base characters in the character table for another language in the .MUSEUM "European language group" as referenced in the policy document cited above. Danish belongs to the European language group and the base characters listed below may be available for use as foreign letters in other languages in that group, if doing so is permitted in the narrative text in their respective character tables.

The character variants listed below are intended to call attention to situations where confusion may arise if particular care is not taken to avoid it. No prescriptive policies are attached to these character variants and the registration of a domain containing one variant confers no rights to any other variant. All names in .MUSEUM are subject to approval during an "Eligibility and Name Selection" (ENS) process. Character variants are one of several factors considered to ensure adequate differentiation between registered domains. The specific relevance of variants will be determined for each domain during the ENS dialog within a framework detailed in the policy statements for .MUSEUM, as described or referenced in the policy document cited above.

Code Point                     Character
U+002D                         #  HYPHEN-MINUS
U+0030                         #  DIGIT ZERO
U+0031                         #  DIGIT ONE
U+0032                         #  DIGIT TWO
U+0033                         #  DIGIT THREE
U+0034                         #  DIGIT FOUR
U+0035                         #  DIGIT FIVE
U+0036                         #  DIGIT SIX
U+0037                         #  DIGIT SEVEN
U+0038                         #  DIGIT EIGHT
U+0039                         #  DIGIT NINE
# All of the following code points are listed in the order of
# their appearance in the Danish alphabet. Code points
# followed by double number signs designate foreign letters.
U+0061                         #  LATIN SMALL LETTER A
U+0062                         #  LATIN SMALL LETTER B
U+0063                         #  LATIN SMALL LETTER C
U+0064                         #  LATIN SMALL LETTER D
U+00F0                         ## LATIN SMALL LETTER ETH
U+0065|U+00E9                  #  LATIN SMALL LETTER E
U+00E9|U+0065                  ## LATIN SMALL LETTER E WITH ACUTE
U+0066                         #  LATIN SMALL LETTER F
U+0067                         #  LATIN SMALL LETTER G
U+0068                         #  LATIN SMALL LETTER H
U+0069                         #  LATIN SMALL LETTER I
U+006A                         #  LATIN SMALL LETTER J
U+006B                         #  LATIN SMALL LETTER K
U+006C                         #  LATIN SMALL LETTER L
U+006D                         #  LATIN SMALL LETTER M
U+006E                         #  LATIN SMALL LETTER N
U+006F                         #  LATIN SMALL LETTER O
U+0070                         #  LATIN SMALL LETTER P
U+0071                         #  LATIN SMALL LETTER Q
U+0072                         #  LATIN SMALL LETTER R
U+0073                         #  LATIN SMALL LETTER S
U+0074                         #  LATIN SMALL LETTER T
U+00FE                         ##  LATIN SMALL LETTER THORN
U+0075                         #  LATIN SMALL LETTER U
U+0076                         #  LATIN SMALL LETTER V
U+0077                         #  LATIN SMALL LETTER W
U+0078                         #  LATIN SMALL LETTER X
U+0079                         #  LATIN SMALL LETTER Y
U+00FC                         ## LATIN SMALL LETTER U WITH DIAERESIS
U+007A                         #  LATIN SMALL LETTER Z
U+00E6                         #  LATIN SMALL LIGATURE AE
U+00E4                         ## LATIN SMALL LETTER A WITH DIAERESIS
U+00F8                         #  LATIN SMALL LETTER O WITH STROKE
U+00F6                         ## LATIN SMALL LETTER O WITH DIAERESIS
U+00E5|U+0061-U+0061           #  LATIN SMALL LETTER A WITH RING ABOVE

(24 November 2004)