Letter from Michael Binder, Industry Canada, to Robert Hall, CIRA
(11 March 1999)

MAR 11 1999

Mr. Robert Hall
Chair, Canadian Internet Registration Authority
c/o Echelon Internet Corp.
68 Robertson Road
Nepean, Ontario
K2H 8P5

Dear Mr. Hall:

I extend my congratulations to the members of the Board of the Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) on the recent incorporation of this new not-for-profit organization to administer the .CA domain space on behalf of Canadian users. Industry Canada has attentively followed the continuing efforts to reform the .CA domain name system. Considerable progress has been made to liberalise current registration policies and establish a self-sustaining and viable registry for the .CA Top Level Domain.

At this important juncture, I would be remiss if I did not offer sincere appreciation to John Demco and the network of dedicated volunteers under whose stewardship the .CA name space has operated for the past decade. The .CA committee's hard work has made a significant contribution towards Canada becoming one of the most "connected" countries in the world. I am now pleased to recognize CIRA as the administrator of the .ca domain space.

The .CA domain space is a key public resource, helping to promote the development of electronic commerce in Canada and important to our country's future social and economic development. As a major user of the .CA domain, as a promoter of the Internet and in its overall policy responsibility for the Information Highway, the Government stated several basic principles for the management of the Internet domain name system in a paper issued in September 1998, entitled "Reform of the Domain Name System - Current Developments & Statement of Principles". We continue to encourage reliance on market forces and private sector leadership in the management of the .CA domain space. Industry Canada expects that the policies CIRA adopts and its operations will be consistent with the principles established by the Canadian government. To this end, we are confident that the CIRA Board will quickly put in place an effective structure predicated upon:

  • conducting CIRA's activities in an open and transparent manner that ensures wide public access to all relevant information;
  • following fair and sound business practices;
  • ensuring an appropriate balance of representation, accountability and diversity on the Board of Directors for all categories of stakeholders;
  • applying for domain names being as quick and easy as applying for domain names in other top level domains, and priced competitively;
  • reducing conflicts between persons granted domain names and other Fights holders, including trade-marks or business names; and
  • a system that facilitates and encourages entry for new players including registrars.

We have a continuing interest in the progress of CIRA. Industry Canada will provide advice and assistance to ensure that the goals pertaining to the administration of the .CA domain name registry are met.

Yours sincerely,

Michael Binder
Assistant Deputy Minister
Spectrum, Information Technologies
and Telecommunications

cc: Members of the CIRA Board of Directors
Esther Dyson, Chair, ICANN
Michael Roberts, President, ICANN
Paul Twomey, Chairman, Government Advisory Committee, ICANN
Michelle D'Auray, Executive Director, Electronic Commerce
   Task Force, Industry Canada

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