Vision for .af ccTLD
(Submitted as Part of .af Redelegation Request)
(10 August 2002)

ccTLD Vision

The .af ccTLD will be a cornerstone of the foundation of an Internet sector in Afghanistan. The Ministry of Communications is currently reviewing several projects, and a strategy is being developed to ensure best usage of this communication tool is guaranteed.

The future of .af is based on a vision where several ISPs would co-reside in Afghanistan, with all the associated services to ensure the development of the use of the Internet in Afghanistan: country-wide IP allocation, peering, national registrar.

If the .af administration rights from ICANN/IANA are transferred and made operational in September 2002, the following milestones would be reached:

  • Finalize policies and procedures on domain name administration by September 2002
  • Recruit ccTLD manager and associated support staff
  • Domain name registration to start by mid October 2002
  • Registration of at least 500 domain names by end Dec 2002
  • Registration of at least 2000 domains by end Dec 2003

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