Description of .af Local Internet Community
(Submitted as Part of .af Redelegation Request)
(10 August 2002)

Description of .af Local Internet Community

After a long period of unrest and destruction, Afghanistan’s infrastructure has been left gravely crippled. Today, there is a very limited communications and information network carrying voice and data between the major cities.

The lack of a national communication network is presently one of the major factors hampering the rebuilding and development efforts carried out by the Islamic Transitional Government of Afghanistan, the U.N. family of Agencies, the NGO community and by national groups and individuals. In short, this network has the potential to become a primary vehicle for the provision of services to eradicate extreme poverty in the country by greatly expediting development efforts.

Consultations with several government agencies (Chairman’s office, Afghanistan Aid Coordination Agency…) conducted by UNDP and by the Ministry of Communications have shown the need to bring the ccTLD for Afghanistan back to its natural home, with its national government. This step is seen a cornerstone of the foundation of an Internet sector in Afghanistan.

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