Letter from Jun Murai to Stuart Lynn
(28 January 2002)

28 January 2002

Dr. M. Stuart Lynn
President and CEO
4676 Admiralty Way, Suite 330
Marina del Rey, CA 90292

Dear Stuart,
cc: Louis Touton (IANA Root Management)

As current administrative and technical contact of .JP, I am writing to respond to your inquiry letter dated 25 December 2001 regarding the redelegation of the .JP top-level domain to JPRS.

On 9 November 2001, JPNIC and JPRS concluded the Memorandum (a copy was attached to your 25 December 2001 letter) in which JPRS's commitment to fulfill its role as the Sponsoring Organization was set forth. With this Memorandum, JPNIC and JPRS mutually agreed to transfer the management and administration of .JP top-level domain from JPNIC to JPRS and to conclude the transfer agreement between them aiming that the transfer would be carried out on 1 April 2002.

Under JPNIC's supervision, JPRS has conducted this operation stably since February 1, 2001 to date. This has proved their ability in technical and administrative operation.

As to the communication with the local Internet community, in November 2001, in advance of the December 6 General Meeting, JPNIC had solicited public opinions on the ccTLD management/administration transfer policy and published a report on the result on December 5 to ensure accountability to the Internet community in Japan. Following this, at its December 6 General Meeting, JPNIC formally approved the policy for the transfer of the management and administration of the .JP top-level domain under the provision that JPRS operate .JP top-level domain in a manner that was stated in the Memorandum.

In addition to providing information at its web site and its General meeting, JPNIC explained the transfer policy at the "IP Meeting 2001" on December 5 and at the meeting "Discussion Forum on JP ccTLD" on December 17, where discussions were held with public. Based on these consultations, it is my conclusion that the transfer of the operation of the .JP domain to JPRS under the requirements of the Memorandum has the support of the Internet community in Japan.

After the redelegation, based on the Memorandum, by working together with the Japanese government, JPNIC will oversee JPRS's operation as a Sponsoring Organization of .JP, taking into consideration of whether its management and administration is conducted for the public interest.

Therefore, I, as the present manager of .JP top-level domain, as well as President of JPNIC, endorse the redelegation of the management and administration of .JP top-level domain to JPRS, Japan Registry Service Co., Ltd. In addition, I recognize JPRS as appropriate to stably operate as the Sponsoring Organization for .JP top-level domain and eligible to enter into ccTLD sponsorship agreement with ICANN.

I hereby request ICANN to enter into the process of redelegation of the management and administration of .JP top-level domain and execution of Sponsorship Agreement with JPRS.

If you have any questions regarding the above matter, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Best regards,

Jun Murai

administrative/technical contact of .JP

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