Letter from Samuel Chepkong'a to Sammy Kyungu
21 June 2002

Ref: CCK/DG/223

21st June 2002

Sammy Kyungu, SS
Permanent Secretary
Ministry of Transport and Communications
P.O. Box 52692

Dear Sammy,


The Board of Directors' meeting on April 2001 approved the establishment of a National Internet domain names management body hereafter referred to as Kenya Network Information Centre (KENIC).

KENIC is an independent non-profit organization whose main objective is to ensure proper coordination, harminization and self-sustenance in administering domain names registration in the country. This will have the benefit of reducing the cost of administering the registration process and advancing the development and use of Internet and Internet based services.

The following are some key responsibilities of KENIC: -

a) Harmonize the registration of domain names in Kenya to ensure that it conforms to international best practice and industry standards.

b) Ensure that use of domain names such as Dotke, Dotgo, Dotint, Dotcom, including other names are consistent within the industry and/or business being undertaken by applicant/users.

c) Allocation and registration of Domain Names in Kenya.

d) Advisory role in the affairs of the registration system and use of Domain Names.

e) Arbitrate in resolving disputes regarding registered or requested names.

f) Participate in propagating education on domain names to the citizenship at large.

g) Maintain a register of Domain Names

h) Participate in re-sourcing the centre and building Internet technology capabilities

Membership of the KENIC Committee

The KENIC board comprises of a good cross-section of the Internet community and the Government.

The initial board members of KENIC are:

a. Communications Commission of Kenya (CCK)
b. Ministry of Finance (Directorate of IT Services)
c. Computer Society of Kenya (CSK)
d. Kenya Education Network (KENET)
e. Kenya Information Society (KIS)
f. Nationwide Taskforce on Electronic Commerce (NTF ecom)
g. The Telecommunications Service Providers Association of Kenya (TESPOK)

Investment Requirements of KENIC

software and hardware is required. This will be in addition to the accreditation fees to be paid to ICANN. It is also crucial that personnel be employed and traind to ensure proper manning of the centre.

Commission's support of KENIC

The Board of Directors' meeting on April 2001 approved the expenditure of US$110,000 (Kshs 8.76 Million) towards the initial investment of the Domain Name Registration and Maintenance Centre (currently KENIC). The other KENIC board members have also expressed their willingness to contribute actively towards the KENIC set-up and operations.

Future Funding of the Centre

On the way forward, two revenue streams are envisaged:

1. Grants and Donations
2. Fees from domain name registrations

Due to the multiple revenue streams and the variety of stakeholders, a formal structure of accountability for KENIC is being put in place.

Re-delegation of .ke Country Code Top Level Domain

Currently, the administrative function of the Kenya Internet domain name registration (.ke ccTLD) is under Dr. Shem Ochuodho while Mr. Randy Bush of USA is in-charge of the technical management of the same. While the Kenyan Internet community and Government appreciate the good work done by both the .ke ccTLD administrative contact and the technical contact, the task at hand is now too great for one person and is better suited to an organization which is representative of the local Internet community and has been established with the appropriate resources to move Kenya forward in the global world of the Internet with the full support of the Government. That is, KENIC should take up both the administration and technical management of KENIC.

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Numbers and Names (ICANN) is the body responsible for the overall Domain Names and Numbers management. ICANN is therefore the Internet body responsible for re-delegation matters. ICANN recognizes the key role respective governments play towards effective management of ccTLDs. It is to this effect that it is a requirement that the concerned Government gives its consent to ICANN towards any requested re-delegation (RFC 1591).

In reference to the above, please find a letter to ICANN supporting the .ke ccTLD re-delegation process, for your signature.

Yours sincerely,


Samuel Chepkong'a

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