KENIC Meeting Minutes
(20 Sepetmber 2001)

Minutes of the First Domain Names Registration and Maintenance Steering Committee Meeting that Was Held on 20th September, 2001 at CCK Head Office, Longonot Place, at 10.00 a.m.


Mr. Alex Maina EAIA ajmaina@insightkenya.com Chairman ccTLD
Mr. Richard Bell TESPOK richard@swiftkenya.com Member
Mr. Brian Longwe TESPOK cto@nbi.ispkenya.com Member
Dr. Juma Oketch Director of Information Technology
Ministry of Finance
juma@treasury.go.ke Member
Mr.Muriuki Mureithi Kenya Information Society (Summit) summit@africaonline.co.ke Member
Mr.Charles.J.K. Njoroge CCK njoroge@cck.go.ke Member
Mr. Michael Katundu CCK katundu@cck.go.ke Member
Mr. K.J.Mangi CCK mangi@cck.go.ke Secretary


1. Brief by the Director-General on ccTLD.

2. Modalities for Registration.

3. Schedule of Activities

4. Composition of the Management Board.


The Convener Mr. Njoroge of the Communications Commission of Kenya(CCK) called the meeting to order at 10.20 a.m.

Mr. Njoroge gave Director-General apologies and on behalf of CCK, welcomed the members of steering committee to the meeting and gave a brief background and the purpose of the committee as one to harmonize the registration of domain names in Kenya and to ensure that it conforms to international best practice and industry standards. In addition, the committee is expected to advice among other issues on the registration process of the domain names such as Dotke, Dotgo, Dotcom, to ensure they remain consistent within the industry. Members were informed that the board of CCK, which is the sponsor, has already approved the budget of about Kshs. 8 million required to finance the process of setting up the ccTLD for Kenya.

Mr. Alex Maina from the private sector and the current chairman of East Africa Internet Association was unanimously confirmed as the chairman. Mr. Njoroge handed over the chair to Mr. Alex Maina.


After a lengthy deliberation, the following resolutions were made:

1. Dr. Ochodho who has been the Registry for the domain names in Kenya for some time to be brought into the process now that a new Registrar is to be registered

2. CCK to sponsor the process

3. CCK to provide secretariat

4. Private sector to chair

5. Two working parties were formed as follows:

5.1. Institutional framework working party:

5.1.1. Members:

  • Mr.Charles.J.K. Njoroge Chairman
  • Mr. Richard Bell
  • Mr.Muriuki Mureithi (expressed willingness to contribute to the activities of Technical working party)
  • Mr. Alex Maina
  • Mr. K.J.Mangi Secretariat

5.1.2. Projects:

The Institutional framework working party is expected to address the following issues: Development of a business plan/model for Kenya Development of an organizational structure Define local Internet community Define relationship between the ccTLD with other organizations Development of vetting process and criteria Development of dispute resolution process Development of a draft contract document between the ccTLD Manager and ICANN Development of rules, regulations and guiding principles for the management of the ccTLD Development of fee structure

5.1.3. Time frame:

To complete work by 18th October, 2001.

5.2. Technical working party:

5.2.1. Members

  • Mr. Brian Longwe Chairman
  • Mr. Michael Katundu
  • Dr. Juma Oketch (expressed willingness to contribute to the activities of Institutional framework working party)
  • Mr. Alex Maina
  • Mr. K.J.Mangi Secretariat

5.2.2. Projects:

The Technical working party is expected to address the following issues: Development of a technical plan including definitions of physical locations Development of domain names and address assignment procedures i.e. for .co;.ke;.go Development of Implementation schedule of ccTLD

5.2.3. Time frame: To complete work by 18th October, 2001.

V. Participation in the forth coming ICANN meeting

In order for the Committee progress work on ccTLD effectively, it was found to be crucial for at least three members of the committee to participant in the forth-coming ICANN meeting scheduled for November 12-15, 2001 at Marina del Rey, California, USA.


Create three email-lists one for each working party and one for the whole committee.

Action by Mr. Brian Longwe and Mr. Michael Katundu\

There being no other business the meeting was officially closed at 12.05 p.m.

Mr. Alexander J. Maina

Mr. K. J. Mangi

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