Policies and Procedures to Be Followed by SIS in the Administration of the .SD
15 October 2002

Policies and procedures to be followed by SIS in the administration of the .SD
(Attachment B to Letter from AbdelDafi Mohammed Elhassan ElKhateeb to Stuart Lynn)


  • SIS will register the names on the basis " first come first serve" All requests will be processed on an equal basis.
  • Any organization or corporate body may register domain names, independent of their location provided they have presence in Sudan.
  • Registered active domain names must have an operational primary and secondary Domain Name System (DNS) name server. Both need permanent IP connectivity to the Internet (for queries and zone transfers) to be easily checked for operational status and database accuracy at any time. In two different physical Networks
  • The registering body is responsible for its entries, names and maintenance and is therefore required to update their records in the database as the need arises. Statements submitted in the application are true, to the best of the registrants knowledge and do not interfere with the rights of a third party. The applicant's statement clearly represent that the domain name is not being registered for any unlawful purpose.


  • To delete an active or inactive registration of second level domain names from the database, a written request should be sent to SIS.
  • Insufficient payment for registration/reservation will lead to deletion of entry.
  • Negligence to pay due amount after elapse of an 'on hold' period of 60 days, will result in deletion of the entry without further notice.
  • Deleted entries of second level domain names will become available for reuse by other applicants. The registrant will not be notified.


  • For disputes over a domain name between two or more organizations, SIS exempts itself from all responsibility for the verification of rights to a name. SIS cannot act as arbiter of disputes arising out of this kind of conflict.
  • SIS will abide by all court orders without being named as party to a law suit
  • SIS will not be liable for any interruption of business, or any indirect damages of any kind (including losses of profits) or otherwise.
  • SIS will suspend registration of a pending application for a disputed domain name in case of a conflict with another pending application or an already registered active or inactive domain name until the conflicting registrants present a signed and written settlement of the conflict.
  • SIS will notify registrants in case of obvious name conflicts or when names are likely to conflict with another name, trade name, trade mark, service mark, etc.


  • SIS will notify registrants of a domain name ,of acceptance , rejection or modification, by fax, Telephone or Email.
  • Reasons for NIC to reject domain name applications, other than format, are:
    • Incomplete entries in the application form.
    • Domain names which are identical with an already registered domain name
    • Domain names not complying with public ethics.
    • No primary and/or secondary DNS server(s) responding properly.

.sd Internet country code Top Level Domain (ccTLD)


  • A domain name needs to contain more than 2 and up to 24 alpha-numeric characters per name within the sets (a . . . z),( 0 . . . 9). e.g. mycompany1.com.sd.
  • Special characters such as a hyphen (-) are not allowed as first or last character.
  • The first character should be a letter.
  • It is preferable that a domain name be similar to the full name of the organization.
  • Please consider: http://www.iana.org/cctld/specifications-policies-cctlds-01apr02.htm

3. RFC Compliance. The Delegated ccTLD must be operated in compliance with the following Requests for Comments (RFCs): 1034, 1035, 1101, 2181, 2182. In clarification of the statement of host-name rules in these RFCs, all domain names in the Delegated ccTLD (excluding subdomain names under domains registered to third parties) shall comply with the following syntax in augmented Backus-Naur Form (BNF) as described in RFC2234:

dot = %x2E ; "."
dash = %x2D ; "-"
alpha = %x41-5A / %x61-7A ; A-Z / a-z
digit = %x30-39 ; 0-9
ldh = alpha / digit / dash
id-prefix = alpha / digit
label = id-prefix [*61ldh id-prefix]
sldn = label dot label; not to exceed 254 characters
hostname = *(label dot) sldn; not to exceed 254 characters

4. Tagged Domain Names. In addition, domain names in the Delegated ccTLD (excluding subdomain names under domains registered to third parties) having labels with hyphens in the third and fourth character positions (e.g., "rq--1k2n4h4b") are reserved from initial (i.e. other than renewal) registration, except as authorized by ICANN policy or by written exception from ICANN.

Sub Domains

The Sudan ccTLD (".sd") domain hierarchy is based on general category of organizations. The following are their definitions:

  • com.sd:
    Dedicated only for entities that provide commercial services with valid Commercial Registrations from Ministry of Commerce (MOC) or any equivalent documents. Also, registered trade names and marks with MOC can be registered as domain names under com.sd.
  • edu.sd:
    Dedicated only for educational and training institutions, e.g., universities, training institutes, etc., with valid licenses from official government offices.
  • sch.sd:
    Dedicated only for Kindergartens, elementary schools, secondary schools, and high schools with valid licenses from Ministry of Education or from General Presidency for Girls Education.
  • med.sd:
    Dedicated only for entities that provides health services such as hospitals, medical clinics, pharmacies, etc., with valid licenses from Ministry of Health.
  • gov.sd:
    Dedicated only for Governmental entities including ministries, authorities and government organizations.
  • net.sd:
    Dedicated only for entities that provide Internet-related services, e.g., ISPs, web hosting, portal sites, etc.
  • org.sd:
    Dedicated only for non-profit organizations including societies, charities, clubs and public organizations.

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