Uzinfocom Charter
Registered: 30 July 2002

By the Resolution of the Hakim of Yunusabad district
From "30" July 2002
No. 1241

Director General of the Communications and Information Agency of Uzbekistan

(signature) A.Aripov
from "17" July 2002
No. 1


CHARTER of the

Центра развития и внедрения
компьютерных и информационных технологий (УЗИНФОКОМ)

Tashkent 2002

1. General regulations

1.1 Computerization and Information Technology Developing Center (hereinafter referred to as Center) is non-governmental unitary organization, established in accordance with the Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers from June 6, 2002 No. 200 "On measures for further development of computerization and implementation of information and communication technologies" with the aim of development of computer and information technologies in Uzbekistan.

1.2 Title of the Center:

In Russian language – Центр развития и внедрения компьютерных и информационных технологий -УЗИНФОКОМ;
In English language – Computerization and Information Technology Developing Center - UZINFOCOM

1.3 Center gets the status of a legal body upon State registration in a fixed order.

Center has its own balance, bank, foreign and other accounts in the banks, round official stamp, seal and other essential elements and appanage required for its operation.

In its operation the Center is guided by the Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Laws of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Resolution of the Oliy Majlis, Decrees and Instructions of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, other regulations, agreements of the Republic of Uzbekistan with other International Organizations and Institutions and Intergovernmental Agreements of the Republic of Uzbekistan with Foreign Countries on the issues of technical assistance, as well as given Charter.

1.4 Legal address of the Center is: 2, A. Kadiriy Street ,Tashkent, Republic of Uzbekistan.

2. Main goals and objectives of the Center

2.1 The main goals of the Center is assisting realization of the program of development of Computer and Information Technologies (CIT), preparation of suggestions for further development of CIT, developing and implementation of modern technologies, as well as expanded and impartial publicity in the country regarding reforms in the area of CIT.

2.2 The main objectives of the Center are:

  • Development of draft programs and other legal-and-administrative acts in the area of development of CIT on the basis of Agency’s order;
  • Participation on bids for development of applied and adapted means of programs, information data basis, web-sites and other program products for different branches of the actual economy, management and social aspects and realization of the program of electronic commerce.
  • Providing wide range of information, maintenance and advisory services regarding computerization and introduction of information technologies;
  • Preparation of quarterly reports and reviews on world and domestic trends of development of CIT, as well as up-to-date international standards in this area;
  • Carrying out research, educational and training activities, facilitating in improvement of qualifications of specialists and formation of group of highly professional staff in CIT.
  • Management of county-code top level domain “UZ” upon receiving the approval of the Uzbekistan Government.

2.3 In accordance with main goals and objectives the Center realize following functions:

  • Examination of projects and programs of development of departmental information system as well as other projects and programs in the area of CIT;
  • Development of requirements, standards and norms on providing information safety of information resources;
  • Fulfillment of pilot projects in the area of electronic commerce, electronic management, introduction of digital signature, etc., with subsequent wide implementation in different areas of activities;
  • Managing State Registers of information resources and systems;
  • Monitoring state of development of CIT studies market of products and services in the area of CIT;
  • Participation in projects on creation of information networks for scientific and research organizations and educational establishments providing them access to Internet;
  • Upon provision of authority, representing Agency at international symposiums, seminars and conferences in the area of CIT;
  • Participation in development and realization of investment policy, carrying out measures to attract foreign investment for the development of CIT, providing techniques, expertise and other assistance to Government structure and authorities at all levels of their integration into World Information Infrastructure, including the ways of creating and maintaining own Internet sites.

3 Structure of the Center

3.1 The structure is developed with regard to main tasks and types of activities of the Center.

3.2 Structural branches of the Center are departments, laboratories, sectors. All structural branches of the Center operate in accordance with their status, approved by the Director of the Center.

3.3 The Trustee Council approves the structure of the Center.

4. Rights and Obligations of the Center

4.1 The Center has the following rights:

  • Make necessary decisions and carry out activities, within the competence and not contradicting legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the given Charter, as well as own, use and be in charge of the property which belongs to it, intellectual property and other property rights, conclude contracts on behalf of itself, gain property and non-property rights, to be plaintiff and defendant during court procedures;
  • Independently decide economic, social and organizational issues related to its activities;
  • Identify and approve of estimate of expenditure of the Center; receive and spend budget assets, including foreign currency, create funds of economic and material encouragement at the expense of self-financing activity of the Center;
  • Approve of the list of members of the staff in accordance with the fixed scheme of salaries for the staff of the Center, set up mark-ups and additional payment system, as well as other premiums and material incentives in accordance with the acting legislation;
  • To provide effective usage of funds in the framework of the project of the UNDP on the issues of development, on the basis of which the Center is being created, as well as funds in foreign currency received by the Center from other donors and sponsors, other sources, in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan;
  • Open in banks and other financial establishments inside and beyond the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan bank accounts for national and foreign currency and carry out different operations, including transactions with securities and forex transactions with the aim of maintaining real value of assets of the Center;
  • Attract funds of international organizations, social and scientific funds, voluntary inpayments and state grants, public and commercial organizations, physical and bodies of Uzbek residents and non-residents in order to solve tasks given in the Charter;
  • Carry out trade and trade-and-brokerage businesses;
  • Receive required regulatory, statistical and analytical information from Complexes and Departments of the Cabinet of Ministers, Central Economic bodies, Ministries, Agencies, Central and Commercial Banks, local authorities within the framework of the tasks of the Center;
  • Attract specialists from State agencies, employees of the scientific-and-research institutes and centers, as well as foreign specialists and experts on the basis of contract to do research work, form provisional working groups and staff;
  • Organize and participate in the work of International Conferences, Exhibitions, Seminars, Symposiums and Meetings, send research workers of the Center, national specialists and experts to do research work, have probation period and study in foreign research Centers and Institutes;
  • Carry out publishing, advertising and printing activities, publish information and analytical reviews and reports, digests of publications in press regarding CIT, scientific and analytical magazine in Uzbek, English and Russian languages, as well as annual reports on the level of development of CIT in Uzbekistan, set up other scientific and periodical publications;
  • Provide advisory services, carry out marketing, sociological and other research on commercial basis;
  • Use, on the basis of the acting legislation, the means of telecommunication and computer connection, connect and be represented in international and national networks, provide provider services on conditions of bona fide competitions;
  • Act as founder and members in the Republic of Uzbekistan and abroad, new legal bodies, including joint ventures conforming the profile of the activities of the Center;
  • Create regional branches of the Center within the Republic of Uzbekistan;
  • Develop own material and technical basis carry out capital construction and reconstruction of fixed assets, as well as maintenance work;
  • Carry out other activities, within the competence of the Center, which do not contradict legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the given Charter.

4.2 The Center is obliged:

  • Submit to Agency reports in a fixed procedure and time limit;
  • Present information on results of the scientific research, carried out on the basis of order as well on foreign grants, in a fixed order;
  • Create required conditions for effective scientific and production activities of the employees of the Center;
  • Carry out agreed obligations, amount of work on the basis of contract set up by customer;
  • Provide conditions for operating secrecy and commercial secret;
  • Bear other responsibilities in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

5. Managing the Center

5.1. Leading body of the Center will be Trustee Council, the composition of which will be approved on the meeting of the Trustee Council. Trustee Council makes decisions regarding main aspects of the activity of the Center, including:

  • Consideration, confirmation and amending the Charter of the Center;
  • Set up overall strategy of activity of the Center and control of its fulfillment;
  • Approval of plans of research work of the Center and reports on their realization;
  • Appointing the Director of the Center;
  • To receive new members of the Trustee Council;
  • Approval of setting up publishing agencies of the Center;
  • Making decision regarding ceasing activities of the Center.

5.2 Trustee Council carries out its meetings upon necessity. Meetings of the Trustee Council is carried out by the initiative of the Chairman of the Trustee Council, the Deputy Chairman of the Trustee Council or the Director of the Center, which should happen at least once a year.

Decisions of the Trustee Council can be accepted in case that more than 60% of members of the Trustee Council participated personally or were represented by the authorized people. Decisions of the Trustee Council are approved by simple majority principle. If votes are equal, the Chairman has decisive vote.

The Center carries out activities on the basis of the annual plans.

5.3 Director of the Center manages the Center in accordance with the acting legislation and internal procedures.

5.4 The following is in the competence of the Director:

  • Acting on behalf of the Center without power of attorney;
  • Organizing fulfillment of the decisions and recommendations of the Trustee Council;
  • Managing current issues of activities of the Center, including financial, administrative, labor and other, based on the given Charter, internal regulations, plan of the Center and in accordance with the budget of the Center;
  • Selecting and appointing staff of the Center in accordance with the internal procedures of the Center, concluding labor contracts and their cancellation;
  • Managing property and funds of the Center in accordance with the legislation, opening bank accounts, providing letters of attorney, signing financial and economic documents, et.;
  • Participating in the meetings of the Trustee Council with the right of advisory voice and fulfilling the functions of the Secretary of the Trustee Council;
  • Making suggestions to the Trustee Council regarding amendments and additions to the Charter, internal procedures of the Center, structure of the Center;
  • Carrying out other functions, regarding activities of the Center.

6. Property and Funds of the Center

6.1 Property of the Center incorporates fixed assets (building, establishments, equipment, means of transport, etc.), working capital, as well as resources and valuable materials, purchased at the expense of the members of financing.

Value of the property of the Center is reflected on the balance.

6.2 In accordance with the acting legislation, the Center owns, uses and manages property and other material rights in its disposal.

6.3 Objects of intellectual property of the Center incorporates all research materials (scientific concepts and reports, methodological references and notes, results of sociological and applied research, forecast and situation evaluations, methodological, abstract and other materials, program products and data base, etc.), scientific and innovation products and publications, as well as other research carried out by other organizations (individuals) on the request of the Center.

6.4 Funds of the Center are accumulated as following:

  • Funds allocated from the Foundation of Development of Information-Communication technologies,
  • Targeted funds, allocated from the National Budget;
  • Funds received from the self-financing and publishing activities of the Center;
  • Inpayments from the National and Foreign grants through certain programs and projects of the targeted financing of scientific programs included in the list of National scientific and technical programs, as well as funds allocated for the realization of competition work and those works carried out according to the order authorities and governing bodies;
  • Financial and material inpayments, provided by International and foreign governmental and non-governmental organizations, as well as funds allocated as technical assistance by the UNDP and other international organizations and any other entities;
  • Voluntary inpayments of legal and physical bodies;
  • Income from contributions and securities;
  • Other sources, not prohibited by the legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

6.5 Property and funds purchased at the expense of income from economic, scientific and practical and other activities, as well as other charity and donor inpayments are property of the Center;

6.6 The Center has the right to sell and transfer to other enterprises, organizations, exchange, rent, provide for usage fixed assets and working capital, other valuable materials which belong to the Center, and to write them off from the balance.

6.7 The Center is responsible for all of its property;

6.8 Property rights of the Center are protected in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

7. Accounting, Reporting and Control

7.1 The Center fulfills operational and accounting records in accordance with the acting legislation, carries out statistical reporting, provides reliability of reporting data and balance accounts.

7.2 The Center ensures in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan fulfillment of control and examination of financial and economic activities of its branches.

7.3 Control of activities of the Center is carried out by the Trustee Council, as well as customs and other state organizations, which are responsible, by the legislation for the examination of certain parts of the activities of the Center.

7.4 Customs and other state organizations which are responsible by the legislation for the examination of certain parts of the activities of the Center can fulfill such examination when such circumstances arise strictly within the confine of their competence.

8. Changes and Additions to the Charter

8.1 Changes and additions to the acting Charter of the Center can be initiated by the Trustee Council or the Center according to the fixed order by the legislation.

9. Ceasing of the Activity of the Center

9.1 Ceasing of the activities of the Center is carried out in the order fixed by the legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan in the form of restructuring (merger, division, separation, transforming) or liquidation of the Center and transferring the property of the Center is carried out by the Trustee Council.

Director of the Center (signature) Akhundjanov Sh.M.

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