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PAL Package Types

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Package Number Package Description Reference
0000 Reserved [RFC-turner-est-extensions-11]
0001 Additional PAL value present [RFC-turner-est-extensions-11]
0002 X.509 CA certificate [RFC-turner-est-extensions-11]
0003 X.509 EE certificate [RFC-turner-est-extensions-11]
0004 X.509 ARL [RFC-turner-est-extensions-11]
0005 X.509 CRL [RFC-turner-est-extensions-11]
0006 Start DS certificate enrollment with CSR attribute [RFC-turner-est-extensions-11]
0007 Start DS certificate enrollment [RFC-turner-est-extensions-11]
0008 DS certificate enrollment (success) [RFC-turner-est-extensions-11]
0009 DS certificate enrollment (failure) [RFC-turner-est-extensions-11]
0010 Start DS certificate re-enrollment [RFC-turner-est-extensions-11]
0011 DS certificate re-enrollment (success) [RFC-turner-est-extensions-11]
0012 DS certificate re-enrollment (failure) [RFC-turner-est-extensions-11]
0013 Start KE certificate enrollment with CSR attribute [RFC-turner-est-extensions-11]
0014 Start KE certificate enrollment [RFC-turner-est-extensions-11]
0015 KE certificate enrollment (success) [RFC-turner-est-extensions-11]
0016 KE certificate enrollment (failure) [RFC-turner-est-extensions-11]
0017 Start KE certificate re-enrollment [RFC-turner-est-extensions-11]
0018 KE certificate re-enrollment (success) [RFC-turner-est-extensions-11]
0019 KE certificate re-enrollment (failure) [RFC-turner-est-extensions-11]
0020 Asymmetric Key Package (PKCS#8) [RFC-turner-est-extensions-11]
0021 Asymmetric Key Package (CMS) [RFC-turner-est-extensions-11]
0022 Asymmetric Key Package (PKCS#12) [RFC-turner-est-extensions-11]
0023 Asymmetric Key Package Receipt or Error [RFC-turner-est-extensions-11]
0024 Symmetric Key Package [RFC-turner-est-extensions-11]
0025 Symmetric Key Package Receipt or Error [RFC-turner-est-extensions-11]
0026 Firmware Package [RFC-turner-est-extensions-11]
0027 Firmware Package Receipt or Error [RFC-turner-est-extensions-11]
0028 TAMP Status Query [RFC-turner-est-extensions-11]
0029 TAMP Status Query Response or Error [RFC-turner-est-extensions-11]
0030 Trust Anchor Update [RFC-turner-est-extensions-11]
0031 Trust Anchor Update Confirm or Error [RFC-turner-est-extensions-11]
0032 Apex Trust Anchor Update [RFC-turner-est-extensions-11]
0033 Apex Trust Anchor Update Confirm or Error [RFC-turner-est-extensions-11]
0034 Community Update [RFC-turner-est-extensions-11]
0035 Community Update Confirm or Error [RFC-turner-est-extensions-11]
0036 Sequence Number Adjust [RFC-turner-est-extensions-11]
0037 Sequence Number Adjust Confirm or Error [RFC-turner-est-extensions-11]