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  ccTLD News Memo #4 (24 February 1998)

The US Government has just published a proposal to significantly alter the way that Domain Names, IP Address Allocation, and IANA functions are handled in the worldwide Internet.

This proposal can be viewed at:

There is a relatively short period for comment (about a month.)

If you are at all interested in these topics, I encourage you to read the proposal.

If you like it – send in a comment to that effect. If you don't like it, or don't like parts of it – also send in a comment. Well organized comments will, of course, carry more persuasive force.

People from outside the United States may also make comments. Indeed the non-US perspective could be particularly valuable and enlightening.

(If you want to look up statutory references, a good place to look is: )

Consider this as an early exercise in Internet democracy.

Please send comments on this web site to:
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