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  ccTLD News Memo #3 (16 January 1998)

* In this issue: Organization, Finding ccTLDs.

1. Organization.

Following up on the message from 29-Dec-98 in which i suggested that

I think it would be good to have several regional (with 5 to 7 regions covering the world) groups organized to represent the interests of the country code domain administrators.

A group is forming in Europe with the name "Council of European National TLD Registries (CENTR)" with the assistance of RIPE.  To obtain more information about this please contact Niall O'Reilly <>.  This will be a topic of discussion at the RIPE meeting in Amsterdam during the last week of January.

Another opportunity to meet on a regional basis to discuss this is the APRICOT conference in Manila on 16-20 February.  This was sugested by Mathias Koerber>.  Perhaps Mathias can help to coordinate this discussion.

Imran Anwar <> (manager of the .PK TLD for Pakistan) has offered to assist in forming a regional group.

Please let me know of other conferences or meetings that may facilitate regional get togethers of country code TLD managers.

We can assist in providing the mailing lists for regional groupings, though we want to let you decide which grouping to join, and what to call your group.

2. Finding ccTLDs

In the last issue I noted:

Information about the country codes contacts may be found through the web pages at:

There are other organizations providing web access to the country code TLD contact information.  For example:

Please let me know of other ways to find the country code TLD contact information and web pages.

Jon Postel

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