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Progress Report on Performance of IANA Functions
May – July 2000

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) submits this report under Order No. 40SBNT067020 to document performance progress during the period May-July 2000 in performing the function of the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (the IANA).


  • During this period, the IANA continued to make substantial progress in reducing its backlog in protocol parameter functions.
  • This was accomplished by commencement of a program of workflow improvements.  (That program continued after the period covered by this report.)  The program began with establishment of separate special function e-mail accounts and augmentation of application templates and associated scripts.
  • The IANA also continued to refine, with respect to protocol parameter assignments under IETF standards, the role of IETF experts.  Continuing discussions were held with IAB/IESG on development of more formal arrangements for expert consultation on the assignment of protocol parameters, with the objective of improving support to developers needing such assignments.
  • The IANA implemented an automated system to assist in management of ccTLD delegation information in May-June 2000.  Among other capabilities, this new system facilitated an improved interface for dissemination of ccTLD contact information.  Beginning in June 2000, the IANA began maintaining a web page for each ccTLD listing the delegation information.  This provided a much more convenient interface than the Microsoft Excel format previously used.
  • On 30 June 2000, ICANN submitted a status report to the Department of Commerce under the Joint Project Agreement (JPA)/MOU referred to in Section 12.5 (Performance Exclusions) of the contract under which this report is submitted (i.e. the IANA functions contract).  http://www.icann.org/general/statusreport-30jun00.htm One step recommended by the 30 June 2000 status report is particularly pertinent to the procedures under which the root-management tasks are performed under the IANA functions contract:  “As ICANN reaches appropriate and stable agreements concerning ccTLDs with their managers, DOC and ICANN should agree on simplified procedures that enable ICANN to assure those ccTLD managers that the authoritative root will point to the ccTLD nameservers they designate for so long as the agreements remain in effect.”  Implementation of that recommendation is outside the scope of the IANA functions contract.  See Sections 12.3 and 12.5 of that contract.

IANA Function Status:

1) Coordination of the assignment of technical protocol parameters:

2) Administrative functions associated with root management:

  • See http://www.iana.org/cctld/cctld-whois.htm for full list of ccTLD Root Zone Whois Information

3) Allocation of IP address blocks:

  • See statistical chart below under Addresses

4) Other services:

  • No significant activities

Statistical Information:


Year 2000 May June July
User Ports 34 34 35
Sys Ports 4 0 3
Prot #s 1 0 0
MIME 8 3 3
MIBs 0 0 0
Pr Ent #s 206 187 233
Other 8 8 2


Year 2000 May June July
Multicast 4 2 6
Cable 6 blk 1 blk 2 blk
AS #s 0 1 blk 0
RIR Alloc 0 1/8 2/8

Root Management

During the three-month period covered by this report, the IANA received and sent 434 e-mail messages relating to 79 different ccTLDs. During this period, the IANA submitted requests for 24 changes (18 of which involved 18 different ccTLDs) to root-zone information and root-zone-contact information, 22 of which required Commerce Department approval. A monthly breakdown follows:

Year 2000 May June July
ccTLD E-mails 158 122 154
ccTLDs Involved 35 34 40
Total Requests 10 4 10
ccTLD Requests 9 3 6
ccTLDs Involved 9 3 6
DOC Approval 9 4 9

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