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Progress Report on Performance of IANA Functions
November– January 2001

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) submits this report under Order No. 40SBNT067020 to document performance progress during the period November 2000-January 2001 in performing the function of the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (the IANA).


  • On 13 December, IANA personnel gave a presentation to the IETF plenary session regarding its provision of protocol-parameter assignment services under IETF standards.
  • At the November ICANN Board meeting, the Board selected seven new TLDs (to .biz, .info, .name, .pro, .museum, .aero, and .coop) for possible introduction, subject to completion of appropriate arrangements. During the period of this report IANA personnel provided technical input into the development of these agreements.

IANA Function Status:

1) Coordination of the assignment of technical protocol parameters:

2) Administrative functions associated with root management:

  • In November, IANA personnel began updating the l.root-servers.net to new hardware and relocating it to the new secondary site at the University of Southern California, main campus. Plans also proceeding for the acquisition and installation of the hardware and software for the RSSAC recommended ‘Distribution Master” machines and various other infrastructure operational functions.
  • Issuance of report on Request for Redelegation of the .ca Top-Level Domain (1 December 2000).
  • See http://www.iana.org/cctld/cctld-whois.htm for full list of ccTLD Root Zone Whois Information.

3) Allocation of IP address blocks:

  • See statistical chart below on addresses

4) Other services:

  • No significant activities.

Statistical Information:


Year 2000-January 2001 November December January 2001
User Ports 35 40 37
Sys Ports 0 0 0
Prot #s 0 0 0
MIME 7 1 2
MIBs 2 5 4
Pr Ent #s 363 263 353
Other 16 6 4


Year 2000 November December January 2001
Multicast 0 0 2
Cable 1 blk 2 blk 2 blk
AS #s 0 1 blk 0
RIR Alloc 0 1/8 0

Root Management

During the three-month period covered by this report, the IANA received and sent 568 e-mail messages relating to 89 different ccTLDs. During this period, the IANA submitted requests for 39 changes (all of which concerned ccTLDs; 35 ccTLDs were involved) to root-zone information and root-zone-contact information, 37 of which required Commerce Department approval. A monthly breakdown follows:

Year 2000 November December January 2001
ccTLD E-mails 221 149 198
ccTLDs Involved 51 41 39
Total Requests 15 13 11
ccTLD Requests 15 13 11
ccTLDs Involved 14 13 10
DOC Approval 15 12 10


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