First release of XML formatted registries

14 July 2008

As first announced in April 2008, IANA is improving the formatting of its protocol registries by migrating the source format of these registries to structured XML format. We are pleased to announce the first set of migrated registries have now come online.

Prior to this migration, typically protocol registries were formatted in a plain text version. Now, with XML formatted source documents, IANA will publish a number of different formats for converted registries. In particular, converted registries will initially be available in XML, XHTML and plain text versions. It is intended that XHTML become the preferred format for viewing registries, with plain text being made available for accessibility reasons.

The remainder of the registries which are not yet converted require further consultation on formatting issues. It is intended that over the coming months these issues will be resolved and the conversion will be completed. Some registries that have specific formatting requirements, such as Management Information Base (MIB) files, will not be converted.

In order to make the transition as smooth as possible, IANA will continue to maintain the legacy plain text formats until 30 November 2008. After this date, plain text versions will only be provided that are derived from the XML formats. However, implementors who intend to parse the contents of an IANA protocol registry should migrate to using the XML versions, rather than the plain text version.

All existing URLs to protocol registries shall continue to work, and the new formats will be available from our website at as they are rolled out.

An example of a converted registry is:

The next steps (in addition to completing the remaining registries) includes introducing new services such as the ability to subscribe to be notified of registry changes. IANA will continue to provide updates to the IETF list as more steps are completed.