The IANA WHOIS Service is provided using the WHOIS protocol on port 43. This web gateway will query this server and return the results. Accepted query arguments are domain names, IP addresses and AS numbers.


% IANA WHOIS server
% for more information on IANA, visit http://www.iana.org
% This query returned 1 object

domain:       94.in-addr.arpa

organisation: RIPE NCC

nserver:      ns3.afrinic.net.
nserver:      ns3.lacnic.net.
nserver:      ns4.apnic.net.
nserver:      pri.authdns.ripe.net.
nserver:      sns-pb.isc.org.
nserver:      tinnie.arin.net.
ds-rdata:     14096 8 2 5426243b531ae7b1facba1eeb3acd979907185996a7fb1cbb78b0b088bd5f2fe
ds-rdata:     62600 8 2 ee1883f6c4494c7b630abd589c849b2d4c53f2153f9365a9846d4d2c84bcd7aa

whois:        whois.ripe.net

changed:      2007-07
changed:      2018-09-25
source:       IANA