The IANA WHOIS Service is provided using the WHOIS protocol on port 43. This web gateway will query this server and return the results. Accepted query arguments are domain names, IP addresses and AS numbers.


% IANA WHOIS server
% for more information on IANA, visit http://www.iana.org
% This query returned 1 object

domain:       b.

organisation: RIPE NCC

nserver:      ns3.afrinic.net.
nserver:      ns3.lacnic.net.
nserver:      ns4.apnic.net.
nserver:      pri.authdns.ripe.net.
nserver:      sns-pb.isc.org.
nserver:      tinnie.arin.net.
ds-rdata:     38020 8 2 ebce5490e4a6bb7efe54782bd727ea1b8a7e82b9fb9dae0f345f29c32700db86
ds-rdata:     51071 8 2 24b162150f0bace3301e174756395374987b4e68e60758a20e58ec753e51acaf

whois:        whois.ripe.net

changed:      2002-11-02
changed:      2018-09-25
source:       IANA