Customer Service Complaint Resolution Process

If you experience an issue with ICANN’s delivery of the IANA functions then we encourage you to report it to us using this complaint resolution process. In particular, we encourage you to use this process if you feel we have been too slow, made a mistake or you have suffered from bias.

We try to resolve complaints as soon as possible but have structured a process that allows you to escalate your complaint through our management team to ICANN’s President and CEO. If, at any point, you are not satisfied with the resolution process you can use ICANN’s Ombudsman’s process instead.

Who can use the process?

This process is open to anyone using the IANA Functions. The functions include:

What do you need to do?

Please send an e-mail to and provide the ticket numbers of the requests where the problem arose.

What information do we need from you?

In addition to providing the ticket numbers for the requests where the problem arose, please provide any other information you believe we need to understand and resolve your complaint.

What is the expected time line?

We will acknowledge receipt of your complaint within a business day and will provide a substantive response within two business days. We will try to resolve your complaint as soon as possible.

Is there another resolution process?

ICANN’s Ombudsman can help resolve problems using Alternative Dispute Resolution techniques.
The Ombudsman web pages have more details.

Escalation Contact Information

Role Name Email Address
IANA Function Liaison for Technical Protocol Parameters Assignment Michelle Cotton
IANA Function Liaison for Root Zone Management Kim Davies
IANA Function Liaison for Internet Number Resource Allocation Naela Sarras
IANA Functions Program Manager Elise Gerich
ICANN President and CEO Göran Marby
ICANN Ombudsman Herb Waye

Last Modified 2016-09-21