Root Zone Change Request Process

Methods for submitting a routine request

An online interface is provided for TLD managers to submit change requests. We recommend that all TLD managers use this method if possible, as it will guide you through the process, provide immediate online feedback of potential issues, and offer the fastest processing time.

Processing a routine request

Once a request is received, it will go through the following processing steps:

State Explanation
Pre-review The request is reviewed to ensure it is complete and clear. If it is not clear, clarification is sought from the requestor.
Technical testing Any changes that are technical in nature will be validated against the technical requirements. Any deficiencies are reported back to the requestor to fix.
Contact confirmation The contact persons for the domain will be asked to agree to the changes.
Manual review Our staff will review the request to ensure it is in accordance with any special obligations and other known regulatory requirements.
Delegation evaluation If the request is deemed to represent a substantial change of control of the TLD, it is considered a redelegation request, and must be assessed according to the criteria of that process.
Supplemental technical testing The technical tests are performed a second time, to ensure no new technical issues have arisen during the time the request was being processed.
Implementation The changes are implemented in the Root Zone and the Root Zone Database.

During processing of the request, the requestor will receive email updates relating to the status of the request. At any time, the contacts for the domain can log in to our web interface to check the status of the request.