Travel Support for Trusted Community Representatives

We provide travel support for eligible TCRs to participate in the Root Key Signing Key (KSK) ceremonies. This document describes eligibility for this support, and the process to make use of this support.

1. Eligibility

TCRs who have a designated role in a specific KSK ceremony are eligible to apply for travel support. For normally scheduled KSK ceremonies, this means active Cryptographic Officers (COs) for the facility in which the ceremony is taking place. For exceptional ceremonies, such as when a new KSK is generated, this may also include active Recovery Key Share Holders (RKSHs). Eligibility and attendance must be confirmed with our KSK management staff prior to applying for travel support.

TCRs are not required to make use of this travel support program. They may choose to arrange their own travel at their own cost.

2. Deadlines

We cover limited travel and lodging costs related to the KSK ceremonies. The planned dates for these ceremonies are typically announced four months in advance. TCRs must confirm attendance with our KSK management staff. Once acknowledged, the TCR must email ICANN Constituency Travel ( at least 60 days prior to the scheduled ceremony date if they wish to make use of this travel support.

3. Travel Duration

Typically, a KSK ceremony lasts one day, with the following day reserved as a backup day in case of unexpected events. TCRs should plan to arrive one or two days prior to the KSK ceremony, and leave the day after the ceremony. For example, if a ceremony is scheduled for a Thursday, a TCR should arrive on either Tuesday or Wednesday and depart on Friday.

In the exceptional case where the KSK ceremony requires the backup day, we will cover costs associated with changing hotel and travel arrangements.

4. Travel Reservations

Self-bookings will not be reimbursed through this travel support program. A representative from ICANN Travel will contact the TCR to arrange all travel details approximately 60 days before the ceremony. Our travel team will contact first time travelers for tax and bank account information.

4.1. Visas

If the TCR requires a visa to attend a KSK ceremony, we will cover up to $200 (USD) of the cost and will provide an invitation letter. Please contact at least ninety (90) days before the ceremony’s start date since processing times vary. Eligible costs we will cover are:

  • The visa application fee;
  • Passport photos for visa application; and
  • Shipping costs to send/receive your visa

4.1.1. Reimbursement

TCRs must provide ICANN Travel Support with legible electronic receipts for these costs in order to be reimbursed. All reimbursement will be provided at the conclusion of the ceremony. Should additional expenses be incurred during the process, please contact

4.2. Flight & Hotel

Ticket is a non-refundable economy class airfare. The following hotels are preferred for attendees to the KSK ceremonies. If these venues do not have availability, we will book a room of a similar rate at a nearby hotel.

KMF East (Virginia) KMF West (California)
Airport Washington Dulles (IAD) Los Angeles International (LAX)
Preferred Hotel Holiday Inn Express & Suites
Culpeper, VA
Courtyard Marriott
El Segundo, CA
Distance Airport to Hotel 59mi / 95km 2.4mi / 4km
Recommended method of transfer
from Airport to Hotel
Rental car / car pool Taxi
Distance Hotel to KMF 3mi / 5km 0.4mi / 600m

4.3. Changes in Travel Plans

Contact and to request any changes. It is important any changes are known well in advance. In particular, the inability of a TCR to attend at short notice may require a ceremony to be rescheduled or cancelled.

4.4. Stipend

We provide eligible travelers with a stipend of $300 for each ceremony. Stipends are intended to cover incidental expenses incurred while attending the KSK Ceremony such as:

  • Meals
  • Transportation between airport, hotel and KMF (e.g. taxis or rental cars)
  • Parking
  • Immunizations

All stipends are in US dollars. If TCRs incur reasonable expenses significantly more than the standard rate, they may request to be reimbursed for actual costs. Email for the reimbursement form and return the completed form and scanned receipts to the same address.

If possible, the stipend will be wire transferred to a bank account designated by the TCR at least one week prior to the start of the ceremony. If the TCR is from a country that has restrictions on receiving wire transfers from other countries, please notify to coordinate an alternative.

5. History

The original Trusted Community Representatives (TCRs) appointed in 2010 undertook all travel costs associated with their participation. In 2014, we began reimbursing TCRs for expenses associated with attending key signing ceremonies. This approach has been adjusted in 2016 to align it with current internal ICANN procedures for expense reimbursement and travel support for community members.

Document last revised 2017-05-13.