Second IANA Report on Request for Redelegation of the .jp Top-Level Domain

IANA Report

Subject: Request of Japan Registry Service Co., Ltd. (JPRS) for Redelegation of .jp Top-Level Domain
Date: 1 April 2002

The Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (the IANA), as part of the administrative functions associated with management of the domain-name system root, is responsible for receiving requests for delegation and redelegation of top-level domains, investigating the circumstances pertinent to those requests, and reporting on the requests.


On 8 February 2002, the IANA issued a report on a Request of Japan Registry Service Co., Ltd. (JPRS) for the Redelegation of .jp Top -Level Domain. In this report, the IANA concluded that

The structure proposed by JPRS and endorsed by JPNIC and the Japanese Government is to have JPRS undertake management of the .jp ccTLD under appropriate oversight of the Japanese Government, with the assistance of JPNIC, concerning national public-policy interests. JPRS, JPNIC, and the Japanese Government also acknowledge and support ICANN's responsibility for coordinating management of the DNS, including the .jp ccTLD, to safeguard global technical-coordination interests. This structure is consonant with the principle of private-sector responsibility for technical coordination under which the Internet has flourished. In reviewing the request and in light of the Japanese Government's endorsement of JPRS as the appropriate private-sector manager, the IANA concludes that, provided JPRS's commitment to these responsibilities is effectively ensured, JPRS is the appropriate delegee of the .jp ccTLD.

One mechanism to reflect these commitments is the arrangement embodied in the GAC Principles. Where the relevant government (here with the assistance of JPNIC, a public-service ogranization under its jurisdiction) is prepared to carry out the ultimate responsibility for overseeing the ccTLD manager's service to the local Internet community and the manager is prepared to conduct itself within that framework, the interests of the local and global Internet communities are served by ICANN joining into that cooperative arrangement.

Two of the three parts of that arrangement – the delegee/Government and Government/ICANN communications – have already been implemented. Upon conclusion of a mutually satisfactory agreement between ICANN and JPRS reflecting the principles set forth in clause 10 of the GAC Principles, adjusted as necessary to suit local circumstances, the .jp ccTLD should be redelgated to JPRS. Once such an agreement is entered, the U.S. Department of Commerce should establish revised procedures for maintenance of the .jp entry in the root zone file that enable ICANN to perform its obligations under that agreement, and that permit moving forward responsibly with the transition to private-sector technical management of the Internet.

On 12 February 2002, the ICANN Board authorized the ICANN President to enter on behalf of ICANN the ccTLD Sponsorship Agreement for .jp with JPRS as posted on the ICANN website, along with any minor corrections or adjustments as appropriate.1 The Board also authorized, upon signature of the agreement, the President to take such actions as appropriate to implement the agreement.2 On 27 February 2002, the signature of the JPRS-ICANN agreement was completed.


With the achievement of this agreement, the necessary framework of accountability has been achieved, consistent with clause 10 of the GAC Principles concerning accountability of ICANN and ccTLD trustees. Accordingly, the IANA concludes that the redelegation request should now go forward.


1. ICANN Board resolution 02.13 (12 February 2002).

2. ICANN Board resolution 02.14 (12 February 2002).

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