Message from Michael Katundu to Theresa Swinehart
(9 June 2002)

Subject: Application for an urgent "Hostile" Re-delegation of the Kenyan ccTLD .KE
From: "Katundu, Michael" <Katundu@CCK.GO.KE>
Date: Sun, 9 Jun 2002 21:22:47 -0800
To: <swinehart@icann.org>

Hi Theresa,

It has been a while since we met at the ICANN meeting in Ghana/Marina Del Rey. How have you been? You remember our discusion on the problems we have
been having with the current ccTLD Adminitrative contact in Kenya.

The following is a brief of where we are in Kenya as far as the ccTLD .KE is concerned. About May, 2000, the Kenyan Internet Community and the Government came up with an initiative to form a more inclusive non-profit organization to manage both the ccTLD technical and administration. This Kenyan non-profit organization is called "Kenya Network Information Center" (KENIC).KENIC has drawn its members from the following inclusive list:

a. Communications Commission of Kenya (CCK)

b. Directorate of IT Services

b. Computer Society of Kenya.

c. Kenya Education Network (KENET)

d. Kenya Information Society (KIS)

e. Nationwide Taskforce on Electronic Commerce (NTF ecom)

f. The Telecommunications Service Providers Association of Kenya (TESPOK)

KENIC is still open to any other up comming active members in the Kenyan Internet. The same group/KENIC invited the current ccTLD contact, Dr. Shem Ochuodho, on board but he has never joined the initiative neither has he ever agreed to respond to our several requests/appeals sent to him. The group has also gone a long way to arrange several meetings with Dr. Ochuodho but he always never turns up or return calls. It seems quite clear that he doesn't have the Kenyan Internet development interest at heart.

In reference to the above, it is invitable that the KENIC has agreed to apply to ICANN for an "Hostile re-delegation". I also discussed the frustration the Kenyan Internet society, and by extension, the Developing world frustration regarding their ccTLD re-delegation with the GAC members (whose I am a member) in our last meeting held in Australia last week. Dr. Paul Twomey, Donna Austin, Robin Layton, Karen Rose, etc. are quite informed of the Kenyan situation.

I attach the relevant documents, including the constitution, for the KENIC for your perusal and quick action please.

On behalf of the KENIC members initiative.


Michael K. Katundu
Assistant Director,
New Technologies & Internet Services,
Communications Commission Of Kenya
Waiyaki Way, Opp.Kianda School,
P.O Box 14448
Tel: +254 (2) 49111 Ext: 2506
Fax: +254 (2) 445386/48200
MAILTO: katundu@cck.go.ke
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