IPv6 Addresses for the Root Servers

29 January 2008

On or about 4 February 2008, for the first time AAAA records for some of the authoritative name servers for the DNS root zone will be introduced. These records will provide for access to the root servers over IPv6 transport, and will be implemented in both the root zone data, and the root hints file. We are providing this advanced notification in case unexpected network events occur that might be related to this change.

Six of the thirteen listed authorities for the root zone will add an AAAA record, as follows:

AuthorityIPv6 AddressPrefix Length*

Operators who employ prefix filtering should verify that their routing policy does not prohibit access to these addresses.

New hints files will be available at the following URLs once the change has been formally executed:

This change is being conducted following a study performed by the ICANN Security and Stability Advisory Committee entitled Accommodating IP Version 6 Address Resource Records for the Root of the Domain Name System, which determined it to be an appropriate course of action toward IPv6 implementation.

* As of January 2008.