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organisation: AFRINIC

nserver:      afrinic.authdns.ripe.net.
nserver:      ns1.afrinic.net.
nserver:      ns2.afrinic.net.
nserver:      ns3.afrinic.net.
nserver:      ns3.lacnic.net.
nserver:      ns4.apnic.net.
nserver:      rirns.arin.net.
ds-rdata:     29596 8 1 2553ea7c663aa9b7d08ac9d7d0f26887d2a54672
ds-rdata:     29596 8 2 d10c8fc8cc8655c2b37bdb15e61a6219c688a8632712f579dab176e73b35ead5
ds-rdata:     4697 8 1 cd2003a33c8a0096c4555ba52732cb0410ff9361
ds-rdata:     4697 8 2 e4c39480017be0e06c5ea6c7b9b3aeb05cdef2e2fda9a57e680385da5a084ba2

whois:        whois.afrinic.net

changed:      2004-06-01
changed:      2021-12-24
source:       IANA