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Alert URN Identifiers

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Available Formats

<alert-category>/<alert-identifier> Description Reference
service Specific telephony service used in this call [RFC7462]
service:normal Normal ring/ringback rendering (default value) [RFC7462]
service:call-waiting Call waiting was initiated at the other side of the call [RFC7462]
service:forward Call has been forwarded [RFC7462]
service:recall:callback Recall due to callback [RFC7462]
service:recall:hold Recall due to call hold [RFC7462]
service:recall:transfer Recall due to transfer [RFC7462]
source Classification of the other party to the call [RFC7462]
source:unclassified Unclassified ring/ringback rendering (default value) [RFC7462]
source:internal User at the other side of the call is internal to the enterprise or PBX system [RFC7462]
source:external User at the other side of the call is external to the enterprise or PBX system [RFC7462]
source:friend User at the other side of the call is a friend [RFC7462]
source:family User at the other side of the call is a family member [RFC7462]
priority Priority of the call [RFC7462]
priority:normal Normal ring/ringback rendering (default value) [RFC7462]
priority:low Low priority call [RFC7462]
priority:high High priority call [RFC7462]
duration Duration of alerting signal [RFC7462]
duration:normal Normal ring/ringback rendering (default value) [RFC7462]
duration:short Shorter than normal [RFC7462]
duration:long Longer than normal [RFC7462]
delay Delay of rendering of alerting signal [RFC7462]
delay:none Immediate alerting (default value) [RFC7462]
delay:yes Delayed alerting [RFC7462]
locale Location-specific alerting signals [RFC7462]
locale:default Alerting not location-specific (default value) [RFC7462]
locale:country:<ISO 3166-1 country code> Alerting according to the conventions of the specified country [RFC7462]

Alert URN Providers

Registration Procedure(s)
First Come First Served
Available Formats

<provider> Registrant Contact URI
example IETF mailto:rai-ads&