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Content Disposition Values and Parameters

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In [RFC2183] there is a discussion of the "Content-Disposition" header
field and the description of the initial values allowed in this
header.  Additional values may be registered with the IANA
following the procedures in section 9 of [RFC2183].
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Registries included below

Content Disposition Values

Registration Procedure(s)
Standards Track or IESG-Approved Experimental RFC
Available Formats

Value Description Allowed Values Reference
inline displayed automatically (none) [RFC2183]
attachment user controlled display filename, creation-date, modification-date, read-date, size, handling [RFC2183]
form-data process as form response name, filename [RFC7578]
signal tunneled content to be processed silently handling [RFC3204]
alert the body is a custom ring tone to alert the user handling [RFC3261]
icon the body is displayed as an icon to the user handling [RFC3261]
render the body should be displayed to the user handling [RFC3261]
recipient-list-history the body contains a list of URIs that indicates the recipients of the request handling [RFC5364]
session the body describes a communications session, for example, an RFC2327 SDP body handling [RFC3261]
aib Authenticated Identity Body handling [RFC3893]
early-session the body describes an early communications session, for example, and [RFC2327] SDP body (none) [RFC3959]
recipient-list The body includes a list of URIs to which URI-list services are to be applied. (none) [RFC5363]
notification the payload of the message carrying this Content-Disposition header field value is an Instant Message Disposition Notification as requested in the corresponding Instant Message. (none) [RFC5438]
by-reference The body needs to be handled according to a reference to the body that is located in the same SIP message as the body. handling [RFC5621]
info-package The body contains information associated with an Info Package (none) [RFC6086]
recording-session The body describes either metadata about the RS or the reason for the metadata snapshot request as determined by the MIME value indicated in the Content-Type. (none) [RFC7866]

Content Disposition Parameters

Registration Procedure(s)
First Come First Served
Available Formats

Name Description Reference
filename name to be used when creating file [RFC2183]
creation-date date when content was created [RFC2183]
modification-date date when content was last modified [RFC2183]
read-date date when content was last read [RFC2183]
size approximate size of content in octets [RFC2183]
name original field name in form [RFC7578]
voice type or use of audio content [RFC2421]
handling whether or not processing is required [RFC3204]
preview-type Internet media type (and parameters) of the preview output desired from a processor by the author of the MIME content [RFC7763]
reaction Permit a recipient to respond by signaling basic reactions to an author's posting, such as with a 'thumbs up' or 'smiley' graphic [RFC9078]

Voice Parameter Values

Registration Procedure(s)
Not Defined
Available Formats

Value Reference
Voice-Message [RFC2421]
Voice-Message-Notification [RFC2421]
Originator-Spoken-Name [RFC2421]
Recipient-Spoken-Name [RFC2421]
Spoken-Subject [RFC2421]

Handling Parameter Values

Registration Procedure(s)
Not Defined
Available Formats

Value Description Reference
required body must be understood [RFC3204]
optional body may be silently discarded [RFC3204]