Differentiated Services Field Codepoints (DSCP)

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The DSCP field within the DS field is capable of conveying 64 distinct
codepoints.  The codepoint space is divided into three pools for the
purpose of codepoint assignment and management: a pool of 32
codepoints (Pool 1) to be assigned by Standards Action as defined in
[RFC2434], a pool of 16 codepoints (Pool 2) to be reserved for
experimental or Local Use (EXP/LU) as defined in [RFC2434], and a pool
of 16 codepoints (Pool 3) which are initially available for experimental
or local use, but which should be preferentially utilized for
standardized assignments if Pool 1 is ever exhausted.  The pools are
defined in the following table (where 'x' refers to either '0' or
Available Formats



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Differentiated Services Field Codepoints

Available Formats

Pool Codepoint Space Registration Procedure Note
1 xxxxx0 Standards Action
2 xxxx11 Experimental or Local Use Reserved for experimental or Local Use
3 xxxx01 Experimental or Local Use May be utilized for future Standards Action allocations as necessary

Pool 1 Codepoints

Registration Procedure(s)
Standards Action
Available Formats

Name Space Reference
CS0 000000 [RFC2474]
CS1 001000 [RFC2474]
CS2 010000 [RFC2474]
CS3 011000 [RFC2474]
CS4 100000 [RFC2474]
CS5 101000 [RFC2474]
CS6 110000 [RFC2474]
CS7 111000 [RFC2474]
AF11 001010 [RFC2597]
AF12 001100 [RFC2597]
AF13 001110 [RFC2597]
AF21 010010 [RFC2597]
AF22 010100 [RFC2597]
AF23 010110 [RFC2597]
AF31 011010 [RFC2597]
AF32 011100 [RFC2597]
AF33 011110 [RFC2597]
AF41 100010 [RFC2597]
AF42 100100 [RFC2597]
AF43 100110 [RFC2597]
EF PHB 101110 [RFC3246]
VOICE-ADMIT 101100 [RFC5865]