Internet Assigned Numbers Authority

Label Distribution Protocol (LDP) Parameters

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Message Type Name Space

Available Formats

Range Registration Procedures Note
0x0001-0x00FF IETF Review LDP base protocol for general
0x0100-0x01FF IETF Review LDP base protocol for the neighbour discovery
0x0200-0x02FF IETF Review LDP base protocol for the initialization phase
0x0300-0x03FF IETF Review LDP base protocol for Addresses
0x0400-0x04FF IETF Review LDP base protocol for label distribution
0x0500-0x05FF IETF Review LDP base protocol for connection related messages
0x0600-0x3DFF IETF Review LDP base protocol
0x3E00-0x3EFF LDP Vendor-Private Extensions IANA does not assign; see [RFC5036]
0x3F00-0x3FFF LDP Experimental Extensions IANA does not assign; see [RFC5036]
Value Name Reference
0x0000 Reserved
0x0001 Notification [RFC5036]
0x0100 Hello [RFC5036]
0x0200 Initialization [RFC5036]
0x0201 KeepAlive [RFC5036]
0x0202 Capability [RFC5561]
0x0300 Address [RFC5036]
0x0301 Address Withdraw [RFC5036]
0x0400 Label Mapping [RFC5036]
0x0401 Label Request [RFC5036]
0x0402 Label Withdraw [RFC5036]
0x0403 Label Release [RFC5036]
0x0404 Label Abort Request [RFC5036]
0x0500 Call Setup [RFC3475]
0x0501 Call Release [RFC3475]
0x0700 RG Connect Message [RFC7275]
0x0701 RG Disconnect Message [RFC7275]
0x0702 RG Notification Message [RFC7275]
0x0703 RG Application Data Message [RFC7275]
0x0704-0x070F Reserved for future ICCP use [RFC7275]

TLV Type Name Space

Available Formats

Range Registration Procedures Note
0x0001-0x07FF IETF Review LDP base protocol
0x0800-0x08FF (CR-LDP) IETF Review LDP base protocol
0x0900-0x3DFF IETF Review LDP base protocol
0x3E00-0x3EFF LDP Vendor-Private Extensions IANA does not assign; see [RFC5036]
0x3F00-0x3FFF LDP Experimental Extensions IANA does not assign; see [RFC5036]
Value Description Reference Notes/Registration Date
0x0000 Reserved
0x0001 Sequence Number TLV [RFC7769] 2015-11-17
0x0002-0x00FF Unassigned
0x0100 FEC [RFC5036]
0x0101 Address List [RFC5036]
0x0102 Unassigned
0x0103 Hop Count [RFC5036]
0x0104 Path Vector [RFC5036]
0x0105-0x01FF Unassigned
0x0200 Generic Label [RFC5036]
0x0201 ATM Label [RFC5036]
0x0202 Frame Relay Label [RFC5036]
0x0203 FT Protection TLV [RFC3479]
0x0204 LDP Upstream-Assigned Label TLV [RFC6389]
0x0205 LDP Upstream-Assigned Label Request TLV [RFC6389]
0x0206 Entropy Label Capability TLV [RFC6790]
0x0207-0x02FF Unassigned
0x0300 Status [RFC5036]
0x0301 Extended Status [RFC5036]
0x0302 Returned PDU [RFC5036]
0x0303 Returned Message [RFC5036]
0x0304 Returned TLVs [RFC5561]
0x0305-0x03FF Unassigned
0x0400 Common Hello Parameters [RFC5036]
0x0401 IPv4 Transport Address [RFC5036]
0x0402 Configuration Sequence Number [RFC5036]
0x0403 IPv6 Transport Address [RFC5036]
0x0404 MAC TLV [RFC4762]
0x0405 Cryptographic Authentication TLV [RFC7349]
0x0406 MAC Flush Parameters TLV [RFC7361]
0x0407 PBB B-MAC List Sub-TLV [RFC7361]
0x0408 PBB I-SID List Sub-TLV [RFC7361]
0x0409-0x04FF Unassigned
0x0500 Common Session Parameters [RFC5036]
0x0501 ATM Session Parameters [RFC5036]
0x0502 Frame Relay Session Parameters [RFC5036]
0x0503 FT Session TLV [RFC3479]
0x0504 FT Ack TLV [RFC3479]
0x0505 FT Cork TLV [RFC3479]
0x0506 Dynamic Capability Announcement [RFC5561]
0x0507 LDP Upstream Label Assignment Capability TLV [RFC6389]
0x0508 P2MP Capability Parameter [RFC6388]
0x0509 MP2MP Capability Parameter [RFC6388]
0x050A MBB Capability Parameter [RFC6388]
0x050B Typed Wildcard FEC Capability [RFC5918]
0x050C Multi-Topology Capability [RFC7307]
0x050D State Advertisement Control Capability [RFC7473]
0x050E MRT Capability TLV [RFC8320]
0x050F Targeted Application Capability [RFC8223]
0x0510 MT Multipoint Capability [RFC-ietf-mpls-mldp-multi-topology-09]
0x0511-0x05FF Unassigned
0x0600 Label Request Message ID [RFC5036]
0x0601 MTU TLV [RFC3988]
0x0602 Unassigned
0x0603 Unrecognized Notification Capability [RFC5919]
0x0604-0x06FF Unassigned
0x0700 ICCP capability TLV [RFC7275]
0x0701 Dual-Stack capability [RFC7552]
0x0702 Unassigned
0x0703 P2MP PW Capability TLV [RFC8338]
0x0704-0x07FF Unassigned
0x0800 Explicit Route TLV [RFC3212]
0x0801 Ipv4 Prefix ER-Hop TLV [RFC3212]
0x0802 Ipv6 Prefix ER-Hop TLV [RFC3212]
0x0803 Autonomous System Number ER-Hop TLV [RFC3212]
0x0804 LSP-ID ER-HOP TLV [RFC3212]
0x0805 L2 PW Address of Switching Point [RFC7392]
0x0806-0x080F Unassigned
0x0810 Traffic Parameters TLV [RFC3212]
0x0811-0x081F Unassigned
0x0820 Preemption TLV [RFC3212]
0x0821 LSPID TLV [RFC3212]
0x0822 Resource Class TLV [RFC3212]
0x0823 Route Pinning TLV [RFC3212]
0x0824 Generalized Label Request TLV [RFC3472]
0x0825 Generalized Label TLV [RFC3472]
0x0826 Upstream Label TLV [RFC3472]
0x0827 Label Set TLV [RFC3472]
0x0828 Waveband Label TLV [RFC3472]
0x0829 ER-Hop TLV [RFC3472]
0x082A Acceptable Label Set TLV [RFC3472]
0x082B Admin Status TLV [RFC3472]
0x082C Interface ID TLV [RFC3472]
0x082D IPV4 Interface ID TLV [RFC3472]
0x082E IPV6 Interface ID TLV [RFC3472]
0x082F IPv4 IF_ID Status TLV [RFC3472]
0x0830 IPv6 IF_ID Status TLV [RFC3472]
0x0831 Op-Sp Call ID TLV [RFC3475]
0x0832 GU Call ID TLV [RFC3475]
0x0833 Call Capability TLV [RFC3475]
0x0834 Crankback TLV [RFC3475]
0x0835 Protection TLV [RFC3472]
0x0837 Unnumbered Interface ID TLV [RFC3480]
0x0838 SONET/SDH Traffic Parameters TLV [RFC4606]
0x0839-0x0900 Unassigned
0x0901 Diff-Serv TLV [RFC3270]
0x0902 HSMP LSP Capability Parameter [RFC7140] 2014-01-09
0x0903-0x095F Unassigned
0x0960 IPv4 Source ID TLV [RFC3476]
0x0961 IPv6 Source ID TLV [RFC3476]
0x0962 NSAP Source ID TLV [RFC3476]
0x0963 IPv4 Destination ID TLV [RFC3476]
0x0964 IPv6 Destination ID TLV [RFC3476]
0x0965 NSAP Destination ID TLV [RFC3476]
0x0966 Egress Label TLV [RFC3476]
0x0967 Local Connection ID TLV [RFC3476]
0x0968 Diversity TLV [RFC3476]
0x0969 Contract ID TLV [RFC3476]
0x096A PW Status TLV [RFC8077]
0x096B PW Interface Parameters TLV [RFC8077]
0x096C PW Group ID TLV [RFC8077]
0x096D Pseudowire Switching Point PE TLV [RFC6073]
0x096E Bandwidth TLV [RFC7267]
0x096F LDP MP Status TLV Type [RFC6388]
0x0970 UNI Service Level TLV [RFC3476]
0x0971 Queue Request TLV [RFC7032]
0x0972 MP Node Protection Capability [RFC7715]
0x0973 PSN Tunnel Binding TLV [RFC7965] 2016-07-22
0x0974 Egress Protection Capability [RFC8104] 2017-02-08
0x0975-0x3DFF Unassigned
0x3E00-0x3EFF Reserved for Vendor-Private Extensions [RFC5036]
0x3F00-0x3FFF Reserved for Experimental Extensions [RFC5036]

Forwarding Equivalence Class (FEC) Type Name Space

Available Formats

Range Registration Procedures
0-127 IETF Review
128-191 First Come First Served
Value Hex Name Label Advertisement Discipline Reference Notes/Registration Date
0 0x00 Reserved
1 0x01 Wildcard Not applicable [RFC5036][RFC7358]
2 0x02 Prefix As negotiated (DU or DoD) [RFC5036][RFC7358]
3 Unassigned
4 0x04 CR-LSP DoD [RFC3212][RFC7358]
5 0x05 Typed Wildcard FEC Element Not applicable [RFC5918][RFC7358]
6 0x06 P2MP DU [RFC6388][RFC7358]
7 0x07 MP2MP-up DU [RFC6388][RFC7358]
8 0x08 MP2MP-down DU [RFC6388][RFC7358]
9 0x09 HSMP-upstream DU [RFC7140][RFC7358] 2014-01-09
10 0x0A HSMP-downstream DU, Upstream [RFC7140][RFC7358] 2014-01-09
11-127 Unassigned
128 0x80 PWid FEC Element DU [RFC8077][RFC7358]
129 0x81 Generalized PWid FEC Element DU [RFC8077][RFC7358]
130 0x82 P2MP PW Upstream FEC Element Upstream [RFC8338][RFC7358] 2009-06-03
131 0x83 Protection FEC Element DU [RFC8104][RFC7358] 2010-02-26
132 0x84 P2P PW Downstream FEC Element DU [RFC8338][RFC7358] 2014-04-04
133-191 Unassigned
192-255 Reserved for Private Use

Status Code Name Space

The "E" column is the required setting of the Status Code E-bit.
Available Formats

Range Registration Procedures Note
0x00000000-0x1FFFFFFF IETF Review CR-LDP: 0x04000000-0x040000FF
0x20000000-0x3EFFFFFF First Come First Served
0x3F000000-0x3FFFFFFF Private Use
Range/Value E Description Reference
0x00000000 0 Success [RFC5036]
0x00000001 1 Bad LDP Identifier [RFC5036]
0x00000002 1 Bad Protocol Version [RFC5036]
0x00000003 1 Bad PDU Length [RFC5036]
0x00000004 0 Unknown Message Type [RFC5036]
0x00000005 1 Bad Message Length [RFC5036]
0x00000006 0 Unknown TLV [RFC5036]
0x00000007 1 Bad TLV Length [RFC5036]
0x00000008 1 Malformted TLV Value [RFC5036]
0x00000009 1 Hold Timer Expired [RFC5036]
0x0000000A 1 Shutdown [RFC5036]
0x0000000B 0 Loop Detected [RFC5036]
0x0000000C 0 Unknown FEC [RFC5036]
0x0000000D 0 No Route [RFC5036]
0x0000000E 0 No Label Resources [RFC5036]
0x0000000F 0 Label Resources/Available [RFC5036]
0x00000010 1 Session Rejected/No Hello [RFC5036]
0x00000011 1 Session Rejected/Parameters Advertisement Mode [RFC5036]
0x00000012 1 Session Rejected/Parameters Max PDU Length [RFC5036]
0x00000013 1 Session Rejected/Parameters Label Range [RFC5036]
0x00000014 1 KeepAlive Timer Expired [RFC5036]
0x00000015 0 Label Request Aborted [RFC5036]
0x00000016 0 Missing Message Parameters [RFC5036]
0x00000017 0 Unsupported Address Family [RFC5036]
0x00000018 1 Session Rejected/Bad KeepAlive Time [RFC5036]
0x00000019 1 Internal Error [RFC5036]
0x0000001A 0 No LDP Session [RFC3479]
0x0000001B 1 Zero FT seqnum [RFC3479]
0x0000001C 1 Unexpected TLV / Session Not FT [RFC3479]
0x0000001D 1 Unexpected TLV / Label Not FT [RFC3479]
0x0000001E 1 Missing FT Protection TLV [RFC3479]
0x0000001F 1 FT ACK sequence error [RFC3479]
0x00000020 0 Temporary Shutdown [RFC3479]
0x00000021 1 FT Seq Numbers Exhausted [RFC3479]
0x00000022 1 FT Session parameters / changed [RFC3479]
0x00000023 1 Unexpected FT Cork TLV [RFC3479]
0x00000024 0 Illegal C-Bit [RFC8077]
0x00000025 0 Wrong C-Bit [RFC8077]
0x00000026 0 Incompatible bit-rate [RFC8077]
0x00000027 0 CEP-TDM mis-configuration [RFC8077]
0x00000028 0 PW Status [RFC8077]
0x00000029 0 Unassigned/Unrecognized TAI [RFC8077]
0x0000002A 0 Generic Misconfiguration Error [RFC8077]
0x0000002B 0 Label Withdraw PW Status Method Not Supported [RFC8077]
0x0000002C 0 IP Address of CE [RFC6575]
0x0000002D 0 Attachment Circuit bound to different remote Attachment Circuit [RFC6074]
0x0000002E 0 Unsupported Capability [RFC5561]
0x0000002F 0 End-of-LIB [RFC5919]
0x00000030 0 Attachment Circuit bound to different PE [RFC6074]
0x00000031 0 Invalid Topology ID [RFC7307]
0x00000032 1 Transport Connection Mismatch [RFC7552]
0x00000033 1 Dual-Stack Noncompliance [RFC7552]
0x00000034 0 MRT Capability negotiated without MT Capability [RFC8320]
0x00000035 0 VCCV Type Error [RFC7708]
0x00000036 Unassigned
0x00000037 0 Bandwidth resources unavailable [RFC7267]
0x00000038 0 Resources Unavailable [RFC7267]
0x00000039 0 AII Unreachable [RFC7267]
0x0000003A 0 PW Loop Detected [RFC6073]
0x0000003B 1 Reject - unable to use the suggested tunnel/LSPs [RFC7965]
0x0000003C 1 The C-bit or S-bit unknown [RFC7965]
0x0000003D-0x0000003F Unassigned
0x00000040 0 LDP MP status [RFC6388]
0x00000041-0x00000049 Unassigned
0x0000004A 0 IP Address Type Mismatch [RFC6575]
0x0000004B 0 Wrong IP Address Type [RFC6575]
0x0000004C 1 Session Rejected/Targeted Application Capability Mismatch [RFC8223]
0x0000004D-0x00010000 Unassigned
0x00010001 0 Unknown ICCP RG [RFC7275]
0x00010002 0 ICCP Connection Count Exceeded [RFC7275]
0x00010003 0 ICCP Application Connection Count Exceeded [RFC7275]
0x00010004 0 ICCP Application not in RG [RFC7275]
0x00010005 0 Incompatible ICCP Protocol Version [RFC7275]
0x00010006 0 ICCP Rejected Message [RFC7275]
0x00010007 0 ICCP Administratively Disabled [RFC7275]
0x00010008-0x0001000F Unassigned
0x00010010 0 ICCP RG Removed [RFC7275]
0x00010011 0 ICCP Application Removed from RG [RFC7275]
0x00010012-0x01000000 Unassigned
0x01000001 0 Unexpected Diff-Serv TLV [RFC3270]
0x01000002 0 Unsupported PHB [RFC3270]
0x01000003 0 Invalid EXP<-->PHB mapping [RFC3270]
0x01000004 0 Unsupported PSC [RFC3270]
0x01000005 0 Per-LSP context allocation failure [RFC3270]
0x01000006-0x04000000 Unassigned
0x04000001 Bad Explicit Routing TLV Error [RFC3212]
0x04000002 Bad Strict Node Error [RFC3212]
0x04000003 Bad Loose Node Error [RFC3212]
0x04000004 Bad Initial ER-Hop Error [RFC3212]
0x04000005 Resource Unavailable [RFC3212]
0x04000006 Traffic Parameters Unavailable [RFC3212]
0x04000007 LSP Preempted [RFC3212]
0x04000008 Modify Request Not Supported [RFC3212]
0x04000009 Invalid SNP ID [RFC3475]
0x0400000A Calling Party busy [RFC3475]
0x0400000B Unavailable SNP ID [RFC3475]
0x0400000C Invalid SNPP ID [RFC3475]
0x0400000D Unavailable SNPP ID [RFC3475]
0x0400000E Failed to create SNC [RFC3475]
0x0400000F Failed to establish LC [RFC3475]
0x04000010 Invalid A End-User Name [RFC3475]
0x04000011 Invalid Z End-User Name [RFC3475]
0x04000012 Invalid CoS [RFC3475]
0x04000013 Unavailable CoS [RFC3475]
0x04000014 Invalid GoS [RFC3475]
0x04000015 Unavailable GoS [RFC3475]
0x04000016 Failed Security Check [RFC3475]
0x04000017 TimeOut [RFC3475]
0x04000018 Invalid Call Name [RFC3475]
0x04000019 Failed to Release SNC [RFC3475]
0x0400001A Failed to Free LC [RFC3475]
0x0400001B-0x1FFFFFFF Unassigned
0x20000000 0 Unknown VPN ID [Andy_Malis][MPLS/FR Alliance 2.0.1, "MPLS PVC User to Network Interface Implementation Agreement", May 2003, Andrew G. Malis]
0x20000001 0 Illegal C-Bit [RFC4906]
0x20000002 0 Wrong C-Bit [RFC4906]
0x20000003 1 E-Tree VLAN mapping not supported [RFC7796]
0x20000004 0 Leaf-to-Leaf PW released [RFC7796]
0x20000005-0x3EFFFFFF Unassigned
0x3F000000-0x3FFFFFFF Reserved for Private Use [RFC5036]

Experiment ID Name Space

Range Registration Procedures
0x00000000-0xefffffff First Come First Served
0xf0000000-0xffffffff Experiment Ids - Reserved for Private Use
Value Description Reference
No registrations at this time.

LDP MP Opaque Value Element basic type

Registration Procedure(s)
Standards Action
Available Formats

Value Name Reference
0 Reserved [RFC6388]
1 Generic LSP identifier [RFC6388]
2 Unassigned
3 Transit IPv4 Source TLV type [RFC6826]
4 Transit IPv6 Source TLV type [RFC6826]
5 Transit IPv4 Bidir TLV type [RFC6826]
6 Transit IPv6 Bidir TLV type [RFC6826]
7 Recursive Opaque Value [RFC6512]
8 VPN-Recursive Opaque Value [RFC6512]
9 Transit VPNv4 Bidir TLV type [RFC7246]
10 Transit VPNv6 Bidir TLV type [RFC7246]
11 Transit IPv4 Shared Tree TLV [RFC7442]
12 Transit IPv6 Shared Tree TLV [RFC7442]
13 L2VPN-MCAST application TLV [RFC8338]
14-249 Unassigned
250 Transit VPNv4 Source TLV type [RFC7246]
251 Transit VPNv6 Source TLV type [RFC7246]
252-254 Unassigned
255 Extended Type field is present in the following two bytes [RFC6388]

LDP MP Opaque Value Element extended type

Available Formats

Range Registration Procedures
0-32767 Standards Action
32768-65535 First Come First Served
Value Name Reference
0 Reserved [RFC6388]
1-65535 Unassigned

LDP MP Status Value Element type

Registration Procedure(s)
Standards Action
Available Formats

Value Name Reference
0 Reserved [RFC6388]
1 MBB Status [RFC6388]
2 PLR Status Value Element [RFC7715]
3 Protected Node Status Value Element [RFC7715]
4-255 Unassigned

MAC Flush Flags

Registration Procedure(s)
Standards Action
Available Formats

Bit Number Hex Abbreviation Description Reference
0 0x80 C Context [RFC7361]
1 0x40 N Negative MAC flushing [RFC7361]
2-7 Unassigned

LDP Targeted Application Identifier

Available Formats

Range Registration Procedures
0x0001-0x1FFF IETF Review
0x2000-0xF7FF First Come First Served
Value Description Reference
0x0000 Reserved [RFC8223]
0x0001 LDPv4 Tunneling [RFC8223]
0x0002 LDPv6 Tunneling [RFC8223]
0x0003 mLDP Tunneling [RFC8223]
0x0004 LDPv4 Remote LFA [RFC8223]
0x0005 LDPv6 Remote LFA [RFC8223]
0x0006 LDP FEC 128 PW [RFC8223]
0x0007 LDP FEC 129 PW [RFC8223]
0x0008 LDP Session Protection [RFC8223]
0x0009 LDP ICCP [RFC8223]
0x000A LDP P2MP PW [RFC8223]
0x000B mLDP Node Protection [RFC8223]
0x000C LDPv4 Intra-area FECs [RFC8223]
0x000D LDPv6 Intra-area FECs [RFC8223]
0x000E-0xF7FF Unassigned
0xF800-0xFBFF Available for Private Use [RFC8223]
0xFC00-0xFFFE Available for Experimental Use [RFC8223]
0xFFFF Reserved [RFC8223]

Contact Information

ID Name Contact URI Last Updated
[Andy_Malis] Andy Malis mailto:agmalis& 2013-05-28