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Profile URI Common Name Description Reference
urn:example:profile-uri Exemplary Profile A profile to be used in examples, in accordance with [RFC6963]. [RFC7284] Dublin Core HTML meta data profile A set of conventions by which a Dublin Core metadata description set can be can be represented within an (X)HTML Web page using (X)HTML elements and attributes. [] Expanded JSON-LD A profile URI to request or signal expanded JSON-LD document form. [] Compacted JSON-LD A profile URI to request or signal compacted JSON-LD document form. [] Flattened JSON-LD A profile URI to request or signal flattened JSON-LD document form. [] Web Annotation A profile URI to request or signal the document is in the Web Annotation JSON format. [] RO-Crate Profile of flattened JSON-LD that follow Research Object RO-Crate specifications. [] Template for a Minimum Viable Skillset Provides guidance on the structure and content of a Minimum Viable Skillset (MVS) Profile, to describe key skills and competences. Each MVS Profile relates the skillset for a role to the Open Science (OS) practices, activities, and outcomes that may typically be expected of the role concerned. []