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Provisional Standard Media Type Registry

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Provisional Standard Media Type Registry

Registration Procedure(s)
FCFS (Organization subject to IESG Approval)
This registry, unlike some other provisional IANA registries, is
only for temporary use. Entries in this registry are either
finalized and moved to the main media types registry or are
abandoned and deleted. Entries in this registry are suitable for
use for development and test purposes only.

Media Types: [IANA registry media-types]
Available Formats

Media Type Organization Contact
application/odm+json CDISC [Sam_Hume]
application/c2pa Coalition for Content Provenance and Authenticity (C2PA) [Leonard_Rosenthol]
application/json-nd ECMA [Glen_Kleidon]
application/cert-chain+cbor IETF [draft-yasskin-http-origin-signed-responses]
application/ion IETF [Jonathan_Hohle]
application/pkix-keyinfo IETF [draft-hallambaker-mesh-udf]
application/signed-exchange IETF [draft-yasskin-http-origin-signed-responses]
application/voucher-cose+cbor IETF [draft-ietf-anima-constrained-voucher-17]
application/webbundle IETF [draft-yasskin-wpack-bundled-exchanges]
application/1ob IMS Global Learning Consortium Inc. [Rob_Coyle]
image/jxl ISO/IEC JTC 1 [Touradj_Ebrahimi]
image/j2is ITU-T and ISO/IEC JTC 1 [ISO-IEC_JTC_1-SC_29-WG_1_Convenor]
application/akn+xml OASIS [Chet_Ensign]
application/city+json Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) [Hugo_Ledoux]
text/nfo Seantek [Sean_Leonard]
image/pdc Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE) [Pierre-Anthony_Lemieux]
application/netcdf Unidata [Ethan_Davis]
application/reports+json W3C [Douglas_Creager]
application/rif+xml W3C [Sandro_Hawke]
application/won IETF/W3C/other [Roy_T._Fielding]

Contact Information

ID Name Contact URI Last Updated
[Chet_Ensign] Chet Ensign mailto:chet.ensign& 2021-04-05
[Douglas_Creager] Douglas Creager mailto:dcreager& 2018-06-26
[Ethan_Davis] Ethan Davis mailto:edavis& 2021-12-16
[Glen_Kleidon] Glen Kleidon mailto:glenk& 2020-07-22
[Hugo_Ledoux] Hugo Ledoux mailto:h.ledoux& 2021-12-15
[ISO-IEC_JTC_1-SC_29-WG_1_Convenor] ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 29/WG 1 Convenor mailto:sc29-sec& 2023-05-15
[Jonathan_Hohle] Jonathan Hohle mailto:jonhohle& 2017-06-28
[Leonard_Rosenthol] Leonard Rosenthol mailto:lrosenth& 2023-09-21
[Pierre-Anthony_Lemieux] Pierre-Anthony Lemieux mailto:pal& 2023-08-08
[Rob_Coyle] Rob Coyle mailto:rcoyle& 2023-05-11
[Roy_T._Fielding] Roy T. Fielding mailto:fielding& 2015-08-25
[Sam_Hume] Sam Hume mailto:shume& 2018-10-31
[Sandro_Hawke] Sandro Hawke mailto:sandro& 2021-01-11
[Sean_Leonard] Sean Leonard mailto:dev+ietf& 2015-10-21
[Touradj_Ebrahimi] Touradj Ebrahimi mailto:touradj.ebrahimi& 2020-05-21