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Service Codes

Registration Procedure(s)
Specification Required or First Come First Served
Eddie Kohler
Service Codes are big-endian 32-bit numbers.  Some Service Codes also have an
ASCII string representation; when a Service Code may be represented in "SC:"
format according to the rules in [RFC4340], Section 8.1.2, the ASCII column
shall provide that interpretation.  Here is an example allocation:

1717858426             fdpz    Frobodyne Plotz Protocol          [RFCWXYZ]

Service Codes whose high-order 8 bits equal the value 63 (ASCII '?') are
reserved for Private Use; this is the range 1056964608-1073741823.  Service
Codes whose component bytes' values are each in the set {32, 45-57, 65-90}
are allocated using the Specification Required policy (this corresponds
to no simple range).  All other Service Codes are allocated using the
First Come First Serve (FCFS) policy.

See the following Javascript program to analyze one or more Service Codes, 
given numerically or as strings:


(Program provided by Eddie Kohler on 2013-11-12)
Available Formats

Service Code ASCII Description Reference
0 Reserved [RFC4340]
1-7107695 Reserved (see Note above) [RFC4340]
7107696 LTP [RFC7122]
7107697-1073741823 Private Use [RFC4340]
1073741824-1145656130 Reserved (see Note above) [RFC4340]
1145656131 DISC Discard [RFC4340]
1145656132-1381253967 Reserved (see Note above) [RFC4340]
1381253968 RTCP RTCP connection, separate from the corresponding RTP [RFC5762]
1381253969-1381257280 Reserved (see Note above) [RFC4340]
1381257281 RTPA RTP session conveying audio data (and associated RTCP) [RFC5762]
1381257282-1381257294 Reserved (see Note above) [RFC4340]
1381257295 RTPO RTP session conveying other media (and associated RTCP) [RFC5762]
1381257296-1381257299 Reserved (see Note above) [RFC4340]
1381257300 RTPT RTP session conveying text media (and associated RTCP) [RFC5762]
1381257301 Reserved (see Note above) [RFC4340]
1381257302 RTPV RTP session conveying video data (and associated RTCP) [RFC5762]
1381257303-1398361158 Reserved (see Note above) [RFC4340]
1398361159 SYLG Syslog Protocol [RFC6012]
1398361160-1685351984 Reserved (see Note above) [RFC4340]
1685351985 Bundles [RFC7122]
1685351986-1852861807 Reserved (see Note above) [RFC4340]
1852861808 npmp NetPerfMeter Protocol on the Data Channel (NPMP-DATA) [Thomas_Dreibholz]
1852861809-4294967294 Reserved (see Note above) [RFC4340]
4294967295 Reserved (Invalid - Not available for allocation) [RFC4340]

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