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Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Event Types Namespace

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Event packages and Event template-packages

Adam Roach
The table below lists the event packages and template-packages according to 
the protocol defined in "SIP-Specific Event Notification" [RFC6665] and the 
registration procedures which are required for them, which are specified in 
Section 4.1 of "Change Process for the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) and 
the Real-time Applications and Infrastructure Area" [RFC5727]. Each name is 
designated as a package or a template-package under "Type".
Available Formats

Range Registration Procedures
event template packages Standards Action
event packages RFC Required with Designated Expert
Package Name Type Contact Reference
call-completion package Martin Huelsemann <martin.huelsemann&> [RFC6910]
certificate package Cullen Jennings <fluffy&> [RFC6072]
credential package Cullen Jennings <fluffy&> [RFC6072]
conference package IETF SIPPING Working Group <sipping&> [RFC4575]
consent-pending-additions package Gonzalo Camarillo <Gonzalo.Camarillo&> [RFC5362]
dialog package IETF SIPPING Working Group <sipping&> [RFC4235]
http-monitor package Adam Roach <adam&> [RFC5989]
kpml package Eric Burger <e.burger&> [RFC4730]
load-control package Charles Shen <charles&> [RFC7200]
message-summary package Rohan Mahy <rohan&> [RFC3842]
poc-settings package Miguel A. Garcia-Martin <> [RFC4354]
presence package Jonathan Rosenberg <jdrosen&> [RFC3856]
reg package Jonathan Rosenberg <jdrosen&> [RFC3680]
refer package Robert Sparks <rsparks&> [RFC3515]
session-spec-policy package Volker Hilt <volkerh&> [RFC6795]
Siemens-RTP-Stats package John Elwell <john.elwell&> [N/A]
spirits-INDPs package Vijay K. Gurbani <vkg&> [RFC3910]
spirits-user-prof package Vijay K. Gurbani <vkg&> [RFC3910]
ua-profile package Daniel Petrie <dan.ietf&>, Sumanth Channabasappa <sumanth&> [RFC6080]
vq-rtcpxr package Amy Pendleton <aspen&> [RFC6035]
winfo template-package Jonathan Rosenberg <jdrosen&> [RFC3857]
xcap-diff package IETF Real-time Applications and Infrastructure Area <rai&> [RFC5875]