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SOCKS Method Values

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The SOCKS Method is a 8-bit number used to identify the authentication
method used with the SOCKS protocol [RFC1929].
Available Formats

Number Description Reference
Decimal Hex
0 00 No Authentication Required [RFC1928]
1 01 GSSAPI [RFC1928]
2 02 Username/Password [RFC1929]
3 03 Challenge-Handshake Authentication Protocol [Marc_VanHeyningen]
4 04 Unassigned
5 05 Challenge-Response Authentication Method [Marc_VanHeyningen]
6 06 Secure Sockets Layer [Marc_VanHeyningen]
7 07 NDS Authentication [Vijay_Talati]
8 08 Multi-Authentication Framework [Dan_Fritch]
9 09 JSON Parameter Block [Brandon_Wiley]
10-127 0A-7F Unassigned
128-255 80-FE Reserved for Private Methods [RFC1928]
255 FF No Acceptable Methods [RFC1928]

Contact Information

ID Name Contact URI Last Updated
[Brandon_Wiley] Brandon Wiley mailto:brandon& 2017-08-31
[Dan_Fritch] Dan Fritch mailto:DFRITCH& 1998-08
[Marc_VanHeyningen] Marc VanHeyningen mailto:marcvh& 1997-07
[Vijay_Talati] Vijay Talati mailto:VTalati& 1997-12