IETF Processing Report

October 2018

Due to the nature of resource request reviews, ICANN/IANA and the IETF community are jointly responsible for cooperatively managing the resource request process. ICANN/IANA has control over the functions it performs directly, e.g., receiving requests, making sure they are syntactically and semantically sensible, forwarding the requests to Designated Experts where appropriate, creating and modifying the registries, etc. The IETF community has direct or indirect control over functions performed by third parties, including IESG Designated Experts, the IESG, the IAB, the RFC Editor, and the requester. As such, the processing of requests has a “gross processing time” calendar days goal established for each function and a “net processing time” calendar days goal to reflect time expended directly by ICANN/IANA.

The statistics below are offered to measure IANA's fulfillment of the goals established in the ICANN / IANA - IETF MoU Supplemental Agreement. Further details on these goals and statistics can be found by reviewing the agreement.

Narrative Report

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  1. Internet Drafts (Approval)
  2. Internet Drafts (Update Reference)
  3. Internet Drafts (Last Call)
  4. Internet Drafts (Evaluation)
  5. MIME Media Types
  6. Port Assignments
  7. Port Modifications
  8. TRIP Registry
  9. Multicast Assignments
  10. All other Protocol Parameters

Internet Drafts (Approval)

Internet Drafts (Update Reference)

Internet Drafts (Last Call)

Internet Drafts (Evaluation)

MIME Media Types

Port Assignments

Port Modifications

TRIP Registry

Multicast Assignments

All other Protocol Parameters