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"about" URI Tokens

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Available Formats

Token Description Reference
blank The about:blank URI references a blank page. [RFC6694]
invalid The about:invalid URI references a non-existent document with a generic error condition. It can be used when a URI is necessary, but the default value shouldn't be resolveable as any type of document. [][CSSWG]
srcdoc Used as the document's address of iframe srcdoc documents in HTML. [][Ian_Hickson]
legacy-compat For use in DOCTYPEs in HTML documents when needed for compatibility with XML tools. [][Ian_Hickson]
html-kind The about:html-kind URI identifies the vocabulary of kind values in HTML specifications from W3C and WhatWG. [][David_Singer]

Contact Information

ID Name Contact URI Last Updated
[CSSWG] CSS Working Group mailto:www-style& 2012-07-12
[David_Singer] David Singer mailto:singer& 2016-09-06
[Ian_Hickson] Ian Hickson mailto:ian& 2012-08-09