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Authentication Method Reference Values

Registration Procedure(s)
Expert Review
John Bradley, Michael B. Jones
Registration requests should be sent to the mailing list described in 
[RFC8176]. If approved, designated experts should notify IANA within 
three weeks. For assistance, please contact
Available Formats

Authentication Method Reference Name Authentication Method Reference Description Change Controller Reference
face Facial recognition [IESG] [RFC8176, Section 2]
fpt Fingerprint biometric [IESG] [RFC8176, Section 2]
geo Geolocation [IESG] [RFC8176, Section 2]
hwk Proof-of-possession of a hardware-secured key [IESG] [RFC8176, Section 2]
iris Iris scan biometric [IESG] [RFC8176, Section 2]
kba Knowledge-based authentication [IESG] [RFC8176, Section 2]
mca Multiple-channel authentication [IESG] [RFC8176, Section 2]
mfa Multiple-factor authentication [IESG] [RFC8176, Section 2]
otp One-time password [IESG] [RFC8176, Section 2]
pin Personal Identification Number or pattern [IESG] [RFC8176, Section 2]
pop Proof-of-possession of a key [OpenID_Foundation_Enhanced_Authentication_Profile_Working_Group] [OpenID Connect Extended Authentication Profile (EAP) ACR Values 1.0]
pwd Password-based authentication [IESG] [RFC8176, Section 2]
rba Risk-based authentication [IESG] [RFC8176, Section 2]
retina Retina scan biometric [IESG] [RFC8176, Section 2]
sc Smart card [IESG] [RFC8176, Section 2]
sms Confirmation using SMS [IESG] [RFC8176, Section 2]
swk Proof-of-possession of a software-secured key [IESG] [RFC8176, Section 2]
tel Confirmation by telephone call [IESG] [RFC8176, Section 2]
user User presence test [IESG] [RFC8176, Section 2]
vbm Voice biometric [IESG] [RFC8176, Section 2]
wia Windows integrated authentication [IESG] [RFC8176, Section 2]

Contact Information

ID Name Contact URI Last Updated
[IESG] IESG mailto:iesg&
[OpenID_Foundation_Enhanced_Authentication_Profile_Working_Group] OpenID Foundation Enhanced Authentication Profile Working Group mailto:openid-specs-eap&