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Capability Codes

The IETF will be the Change Controller for all future registrations.
Available Formats

Range Registration Procedures
1-63 IETF Review
64-238 First Come First Served
239-254 Experimental Use
Value Description Reference Change Controller
0 Reserved [RFC5492] IETF
1 Multiprotocol Extensions for BGP-4 [RFC2858] IETF
2 Route Refresh Capability for BGP-4 [RFC2918] IETF
3 Outbound Route Filtering Capability [RFC5291] IETF
4 Multiple routes to a destination capability (deprecated) [RFC8277] IETF
5 Extended Next Hop Encoding [RFC8950] IETF
6 BGP Extended Message [RFC8654] IETF
7 BGPsec Capability [RFC8205] IETF
8 Multiple Labels Capability [RFC8277] IETF
9 BGP Role [RFC9234] IETF
10-63 Unassigned
64 Graceful Restart Capability [RFC4724] IETF
65 Support for 4-octet AS number capability [RFC6793] IETF
66 Deprecated (2003-03-06) IETF
67 Support for Dynamic Capability (capability specific) [draft-ietf-idr-dynamic-cap] IETF
68 Multisession BGP Capability [draft-ietf-idr-bgp-multisession] IETF
69 ADD-PATH Capability [RFC7911] IETF
70 Enhanced Route Refresh Capability [RFC7313] IETF
71 Long-Lived Graceful Restart (LLGR) Capability [RFC-ietf-idr-long-lived-gr-06] IETF
72 Routing Policy Distribution [draft-ietf-idr-rpd-04] IETF
73 FQDN Capability [draft-walton-bgp-hostname-capability] IETF
74 BFD Capability [draft-ietf-idr-bgp-bfd-strict-mode-08] IETF
75 Software Version Capability [draft-abraitis-bgp-version-capability-11] IETF
76 PATHS-LIMIT Capability [draft-abraitis-idr-addpath-paths-limit-00] IETF
77-127 Unassigned
128 Prestandard Route Refresh (deprecated) [RFC8810] IETF
129 Prestandard Outbound Route Filtering (deprecated), prestandard Routing Policy Distribution (deprecated) [RFC8810] IETF
130 Prestandard Outbound Route Filtering (deprecated) [RFC8810] IETF
131 Prestandard Multisession (deprecated) [RFC8810] IETF
132-183 Unassigned
184 Prestandard FQDN (deprecated) [RFC8810] IETF
185 Prestandard OPERATIONAL message (deprecated) [RFC8810] IETF
186-238 Unassigned
239-254 Reserved for Experimental Use [RFC8810] IETF
255 Reserved [RFC8810] IETF

BGP Role Value

Registration Procedure(s)
IETF Review
Available Formats

Value Role name (for the local AS) Reference
0 Provider [RFC9234]
1 RS [RFC9234]
2 RS-Client [RFC9234]
3 Customer [RFC9234]
4 Peer (i.e., Lateral Peer) [RFC9234]
5-255 Unassigned