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Data Link Switching Client Access Protocol (DCAP) Parameters

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Data Link Switching Protocol Frame Codes

Registration Procedure(s)
RFC Required
Available Formats

DCAP Frame Name Code Function Reference
CAN_U_REACH 0x01 Find if the station given is reachable [RFC2114]
I_CAN_REACH 0x02 Positive response to CAN_U_REACH [RFC2114]
I_CANNOT_REACH 0x03 Negative response to CAN_U_REACH [RFC2114]
START_DL 0x04 Setup session for given addresses [RFC2114]
DL_STARTED 0x05 Session Started [RFC2114]
START_DL_FAILED 0x06 Session Start failed [RFC2114]
XID_FRAME 0x07 XID Frame [RFC2114]
CONTACT_STN 0x08 Contact destination to establish SABME [RFC2114]
STN_CONTACTED 0x09 Station contacted - SABME mode set [RFC2114]
DATA_FRAME 0x0A Connectionless Data Frame for a link [RFC2114]
INFO_FRAME 0x0B Connection oriented I-Frame [RFC2114]
HALT_DL 0x0C Halt Data Link session [RFC2114]
HALT_DL_NOACK 0x0D Halt Data Link session without ack [RFC2114]
DL_HALTED 0x0E Session Halted [RFC2114]
FCM_FRAME 0x0F Data Link Session Flow Control Message [RFC2114]
DGRM_FRAME 0x11 Connectionless Datagram Frame for a circuit [RFC2114]
CAP_XCHANGE 0x12 Capabilities Exchange Message [RFC2114]
CLOSE_PEER_REQUEST 0x13 Disconnect Peer Connection Request [RFC2114]
CLOSE_PEER_RESPONSE 0x14 Disconnect Peer Connection Response [RFC2114]
Unassigned 0x15-0x1C
PEER_TEST_REQ 0x1D Peer keepalive test request [RFC2114]
PEER_TEST_RSP 0x1E Peer keepalive response [RFC2114]

Data Link Switching Protocol Sender Capability Codes

Registration Procedure(s)
RFC Required
Available Formats

Code Meaning Reference
0x01 NetBIOS support [RFC2114]
0x02 TCP Listen Mode support [RFC2114]
0x04 Command/Response [RFC2114]