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This MIB module defines dot3MauType OBJECT-IDENTITIES and
IANAifMauListBits, IANAifMauMediaAvailable,
IANAifMauAutoNegCapBits, and IANAifJackType

TEXTUAL-CONVENTIONs, specifying enumerated values of the
ifMauTypeListBits, ifMauMediaAvailable / rpMauMediaAvailable,
ifMauAutoNegCapabilityBits / ifMauAutoNegCapAdvertisedBits /
ifMauAutoNegCapReceivedBits and ifJackType / rpJackType objects
respectively, defined in the MAU-MIB.

It is intended that each new MAU type, Media Availability
state, Auto Negotiation capability and/or Jack type defined by
the IEEE 802.3 working group and approved for publication in a
revision of IEEE Std 802.3 will be added to this MIB module,
provided that it is suitable for being managed by the base
objects in the MAU-MIB.  An Expert Review, as defined in
RFC 2434 [RFC2434], is REQUIRED for such additions.

The following reference is used throughout this MIB module:

[IEEE802.3] refers to IEEE Std 802.3, 2022 Edition: 
'IEEE Standard for Ethernet'.

This reference should be updated as appropriate when new
MAU types, Media Availability states, Auto Negotiation
capabilities, and/or Jack types are added to this MIB module.

Copyright (C) The IETF Trust (2007).
The initial version of this MIB module was published in
RFC 4836; for full legal notices see the RFC itself.
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