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IMAP Mailbox Name Attributes

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IMAP Mailbox Name Attributes

Registration Procedure(s)
IETF Review or Expert Review
Barry Leiba, Bron Gondwana
[RFC3501, Section 7.2.2][RFC8457, Section 6][RFC9051]
Available Formats

Attribute Name Description Reference Usage Notes
All All messages [RFC6154]
Archive Archived messages [RFC6154]
Drafts Messages that are working drafts [RFC6154]
Flagged Messages with the \Flagged flag [RFC6154]
HasChildren Has accessible child mailboxes [RFC5258] not used by JMAP
HasNoChildren Has no accessible child mailboxes [RFC5258] not used by JMAP
Important Messages deemed important to user [RFC8457]
Inbox New mail is delivered here by default. [RFC8621, Section 10.5.1] JMAP only
Junk Messages identified as Spam/Junk [RFC6154]
Marked Server has marked the mailbox as "interesting" [RFC3501][RFC9051] not used by JMAP
NoInferiors No hierarchy under this name [RFC3501][RFC9051] not used by JMAP
NonExistent The mailbox name doesn't actually exist [RFC5258] not used by JMAP
Noselect The mailbox is not selectable [RFC3501][RFC9051] not used by JMAP
Remote The mailbox exists on a remote server [RFC5258] not used by JMAP
Sent Sent mail [RFC6154]
Subscribed The mailbox is subscribed to [RFC5258]
Trash Messages the user has discarded [RFC6154]
Unmarked No new messages since last select [RFC3501][RFC9051] not used by JMAP