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No further registrations in this registry.
In "Tags for the Identification of Languages" [RFC5646][RFC3066] there 
is a provision for listing unique "tags" or names for languages and
variants of languages.  This document summaries the list of assigned
language tags.

Please see the following for the Language Subtag Registry:
[IANA registry language-subtag-registry]
Available Formats

Tag Description Reference Notes
art-lojban Lojban [John_Cowan][John_Cowan_2] Deprecated use ISO 639-2 jbo, registered Sept. 2, 2003.
az-Arab Azerbaijani in Arabic script [Mark_Davis][Mark_Davis_2]
az-Cyrl Azerbaijani in Cyrillic script [Mark_Davis][Mark_Davis_2]
az-Latn Azerbaijani in Latin script [Mark_Davis][Mark_Davis_2]
be-Latn Belarusian in Latin script [Jaska_Zedlik]
bs-Cyrl Bosnian in Cyrillic script [Peter_Constable]
bs-Latn Bosnian in Latin script [Peter_Constable]
cel-gaulish Gaulish [Chris_Lilley]
de-1901 German, traditional orthography [Torsten_Bronger]
de-1996 German, orthography of 1996 [Torsten_Bronger]
de-AT-1901 German, Austrian variant, traditional orthography [Torsten_Bronger]
de-AT-1996 German, Austrian variant, orthography of 1996 [Torsten_Bronger]
de-CH-1901 German, Swiss variant, traditional orthography [Torsten_Bronger]
de-CH-1996 German, Swiss variant, orthography of 1996 [Torsten_Bronger]
de-DE-1901 German, German variant, traditional orthography [Torsten_Bronger]
de-DE-1996 German, German variant, orthography of 1996 [Torsten_Bronger]
el-Latn Greek in Latin script [Luc_Pardon]
en-boont Boontling [John_Cowan][John_Cowan_2]
en-GB-oed English, Oxford English Dictionary spelling [Michael_Everson]
en-scouse English Liverpudlian dialect known as 'Scouse' [Keith_Szlamp]
es-419 Latin American Spanish [Karen_Broome]
i-ami Amis [Kai_hus_Tai]
i-bnn Bunun [Kai_hus_Tai]
i-default Default Language Context [RFC2277]
i-enochian Enochian [Davina_Zawinski]
i-hak Hakka [Kai_hus_Tai] Deprecated use IETF zh-hakka, registered Jan. 10, 2000
i-klingon Klingon [Michael_Everson] Deprecated use ISO 639-2 tlh, registered Feb. 24, 2004.
i-lux Luxembourgish [Matthias_Wimmer][] Deprecated use ISO 639 lb, registered Sept. 9, 1998
i-mingo Mingo [Sean_Burke]
i-navajo Navajo [Sean_Burke][] Deprecated use ISO 639 nv, registered Feb. 18, 2000
i-pwn Paiwan [Kai_hus_Tai]
i-tao Tao [Kai_hus_Tai]
i-tay Tayal [Kai_hus_Tai]
i-tsu Tsou [Kai_hus_Tai]
iu-Cans Inuktitut in Canadian Aboriginal [Peter_Constable]
iu-Latn Inuktitut in Latin script [Peter_Constable]
mn-Cyrl Mongolian in Cyrillic script [Peter_Constable]
mn-Mong Mongolian in Mongolian script [Peter_Constable]
no-bok Norwegian "Book language" [] Deprecated use ISO 639 nb, registered Feb. 18, 2000
no-nyn Norwegian "New Norwegian" [] Deprecated use ISO 639 nn, registered Feb. 18, 2000
sgn-BE-fr Belgian-French Sign Language [Michael_Everson]
sgn-BE-nl Belgian-Flemish Sign Language [Michael_Everson]
sgn-BR Brazilian Sign Language [Michael_Everson]
sgn-CH-de Swiss German Sign Language [Michael_Everson]
sgn-CO Colombian Sign Language [Michael_Everson]
sgn-DE German Sign Language [Michael_Everson]
sgn-DK Danish Sign Language [Michael_Everson]
sgn-ES Spanish Sign Language [Michael_Everson]
sgn-FR French Sign Language [Michael_Everson]
sgn-GB British Sign Language [Michael_Everson]
sgn-GR Greek Sign Language [Michael_Everson]
sgn-IE Irish Sign Language [Michael_Everson]
sgn-IT Italian Sign Language [Michael_Everson]
sgn-JP Japanese Sign Language [Michael_Everson]
sgn-MX Mexican Sign Language [Michael_Everson]
sgn-NI Nicaraguan Sign Language [Michael_Everson]
sgn-NL Dutch Sign Language [Michael_Everson]
sgn-NO Norwegian Sign Language [Michael_Everson]
sgn-PT Portuguese Sign Language [Michael_Everson]
sgn-SE Swedish Sign Language [Michael_Everson]
sgn-US American Sign Language [Michael_Everson]
sgn-ZA South African Sign Language [Michael_Everson]
sl-nedis Natisone dialect, Nadiza dialect [Han_Steenwijk]
sl-rozaj Resian, Resianic, Rezijan [Han_Steenwijk]
sr-Cyrl Serbian in Cyrillic script [Mark_Davis][Mark_Davis_2]
sr-Latn Serbian in Latin script [Mark_Davis][Mark_Davis_2]
tg-Arab Tajik in Arabic script [Peter_Constable]
tg-Cyrl Tajik in Cyrillic script [Peter_Constable]
uz-Cyrl Uzbek in Cyrillic script [Mark_Davis][Mark_Davis_2]
uz-Latn Uzbek in Latin script [Mark_Davis][Mark_Davis_2]
yi-latn Yiddish, in Latin script [Sean_Burke]
zh-cmn Mandarin Chinese [Karen_Broome]
zh-cmn-Hans Mandarin Chinese (Simplified) [Karen_Broome]
zh-cmn-Hant Mandarin Chinese (Traditional) [Karen_Broome]
zh-Hans Chinese, in simplified script [Mark_Davis][Mark_Davis_2]
zh-Hans-CN PRC Mainland Chinese in simplified script [Mark_Davis][Mark_Davis_2]
zh-Hans-HK Hong Kong Chinese in simplified script [Mark_Davis][Mark_Davis_2]
zh-Hans-MO Macao Chinese in simplified script [Mark_Davis][Mark_Davis_2]
zh-Hans-SG Singapore Chinese in simplified script [Mark_Davis][Mark_Davis_2]
zh-Hans-TW Taiwan Chinese in simplified script [Mark_Davis][Mark_Davis_2]
zh-Hant Chinese, in traditional script [Mark_Davis][Mark_Davis_2]
zh-Hant-CN PRC Mainland Chinese in traditional script [Mark_Davis][Mark_Davis_2]
zh-Hant-HK Hong Kong Chinese in traditional script [Mark_Davis][Mark_Davis_2]
zh-Hant-MO Macao Chinese in traditional script [Mark_Davis][Mark_Davis_2]
zh-Hant-SG Singapore Chinese in traditional script [Mark_Davis][Mark_Davis_2]
zh-Hant-TW Taiwan Chinese in traditional script [Mark_Davis][Mark_Davis_2]
zh-gan Kan or Gan [Clay_Compton]
zh-guoyu Mandarin or Standard Chinese [Clay_Compton][John_Cowan][John_Cowan_2] Deprecated, use zh-cmn registered in July 2005
zh-hakka Hakka [Clay_Compton][John_Cowan][John_Cowan_2]
zh-min Min, Fuzhou, Hokkien, Amoy or Taiwanese [Clay_Compton]
zh-min-nan Minnan, Hokkien, Amoy, Taiwanese, Southern Min, Southern Fujian, Hoklo, Southern Fukien, Ho-lo [Kai_hus_Tai]
zh-wuu Shanghaiese or Wu [Clay_Compton]
zh-xiang Xiang or Hunanese [Clay_Compton]
zh-yue Cantonese [Clay_Compton]

Contact Information

ID Name Contact URI Last Updated
[Chris_Lilley] Chris Lilley mailto:chris& 2001-03
[Clay_Compton] Clay Compton mailto:clayco& 2000-01
[Davina_Zawinski] Davina Zawinski mailto:dz& 2002-07
[Han_Steenwijk] Han Steenwijk mailto:han.steenwijk& 2004-06
[Jaska_Zedlik] Jaska Zedlik mailto:jz53& 2005-04
[John_Cowan] John Cowan mailto:jcowan& 2003-02
[John_Cowan_2] John Cowan mailto:cowan& 2005-09
[Kai_hus_Tai] Kai-hus Tai mailto:kaihsu& 2001-03
[Karen_Broome] Karen Broome mailto:Karen.Broome& 2005-07
[Keith_Szlamp] Keith Szlamp mailto:keith&
[Luc_Pardon] Luc Pardon mailto:lucp& 2005-09-28
[Mark_Davis] Mark Davis mailto:mark.davis& 2005-04
[Mark_Davis_2] Mark Davis mailto:mark.davis& 2005-04
[Matthias_Wimmer] Matthias Wimmer mailto:ich&matthias-wimmer.dec 1999-10
[Michael_Everson] Michael Everson mailto:everson& 2003-07
[Peter_Constable] Peter Constable mailto:petercon& 2005-04
[Sean_Burke] Sean Burke mailto:sburke& 2003-01
[Torsten_Bronger] Torsten Bronger mailto:bronger& 2002-07