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These tokens are associated with the PIDF-LO object.
Available Formats

Token Description Reference Registration Date
A-GNSS Assisted Global Navigation Satellite Systems [Brian_Rosen] 2018-12-07
A-GPS GPS with assistance [RFC4119]
AOA Angle of Arrival [James_Winterbottom]
best-guess The LIS cannot provide an accurate location. The value is its best guess, but may be very inaccurate. [Brian_Rosen] 2012-01-11
Cell Location of the cellular radio antenna [RFC4119]
DBH Device-Based Hybrid [Apple] 2019-03-21
DBH_HELO Device-Based Hybrid using Apple Hybridized Emergency Location [Apple] 2019-03-21
Derived This value is intended to represent a location object determined by geocoding or reverse geocoding a location determined by some other method. [Brian_Rosen] 2008-07-15
Device-Assisted_A-GPS Device provides psuedo-ranges to a network element that computes the location [James_Winterbottom]
Device-Assisted_EOTD Enhanced Observed Time Difference, device provides measurements, network element computes location [James_Winterbottom]
Device-Based_A-GPS Network provides psuedo-ranges to the device and the device computes its location [James_Winterbottom]
Device-Based_EOTD Enhanced Observed Time Difference, network element provides measurements and device computes location [James_Winterbottom]
DHCP Provided by DHCP (used for wireline access networks, see 802.11 below) [RFC4119]
E-CID Enhanced Cell Identifier [Brian_Rosen] 2018-12-07
GNSS Global Navigation Satellite Systems [Brian_Rosen] 2018-12-07
GPS Global Positioning System [RFC4119]
Handset_AFLT Advanced Forward Link Trilateration [James_Winterbottom]
Handset_EFLT Enhanced Forward Link Trilateration [James_Winterbottom]
Hybrid_A-GPS Device provides psuedo-rangesto a network element that computes the location in combination with network measurements [James_Winterbottom]
hybridAGPS_AFLT Hybrid of Assisted GPS and Advanced Forward Link Trilateration [Brian_Rosen] 2018-12-07
hybridCellSector_AGPS Hybrid of Cell/Sector based and Assisted GPS [Brian_Rosen] 2018-12-07
hybridTDOA_AOA Hybrid of Time Difference of Arrival and Angle of Arrival [Brian_Rosen] 2018-12-07
hybridTDOA_AGPS Hybrid of Time Difference of Arrival and AGPS [Brian_Rosen] 2018-12-07
hybridTDOA_AGPS_AOA Hybrid of Time Difference of Arrival, Assisted GPS and Angle of Arrival [Brian_Rosen] 2018-12-07
IPDL Idle Period Down Link [James_Winterbottom]
LLDP-MED Provided by Link Layer Discovery Protocol - Media Endpoint Discovery (LLDP-MED) [Telecommunications Industry Association, "Link Layer Discovery Protocol for Media Endpoint Devices", ANSI/TIA-1057, April 2006.][Peter_Blatherwick]
Manual Entered manually by an operator or user, e.g., based on subscriber billing or service location information [RFC4119]
MBS Metropolitan Beacon System [NextNav] 2017-05-25
MPL Measured Path Loss [James_Winterbottom] 2007-10-18
NEAD-BLE Civic Address representing the provisioned location of a Bluetooth beacon to support the dispatching of emergency services. [ATIS-0700028][Roger_Marshall] 2016-05-12
NEAD-WiFi Civic Address representing the provisioned location of a Wi-Fi Access Point to support the dispatching of emergency services. [ATIS-0700028][Roger_Marshall] 2016-05-12
networkRFFingerprinting Network Based RF Fingerprinting [Brian_Rosen] 2018-12-07
networkTDOA Network Based Time Difference of Arrival [Brian_Rosen] 2018-12-07
networkTOA Network Based Time of Arrival [Brian_Rosen] 2018-12-07
NMR Network Measurement Reports [James_Winterbottom]
OTDOA Observed Time Difference of Arrival [James_Winterbottom]
RFID Proximity to a Radio Frequency Identification beacon [James_Winterbottom]
RSSI Received Signal Strength Indicator [James_Winterbottom] 2007-10-18
RSSI-RTT Combination of Received Signal Strength Indicator and Round Trip Time used to determine the location of the Target [James_Winterbottom] 2007-10-18
RTT Round Trip Time [James_Winterbottom]
TA Timing Advance [James_Winterbottom]
TA-NMR Timing Advance and Network Measurement Reports [James_Winterbottom]
Triangulation Triangulated from time-of-arrival, signal strength or similar measurements [RFC4119]
UTDOA Uplink Time Difference of Arrival [James_Winterbottom]
Wiremap Location determined using wiremap correlations to ciruit identifiers [James_Winterbottom]
802.11 802.11 access point (used for DHCP-based provisioning over wireless access networks) [RFC4119]


ID Name Contact URI Last Updated
[Apple] Apple, Inc. mailto:helo& 2019-03-21
[Brian_Rosen] Brian Rosen mailto:br& 2012-01-11
[James_Winterbottom] James Winterbottom mailto:james.winterbottom& 2007-10-18
[NextNav] NextNav mailto:info& 2017-05-25
[Peter_Blatherwick] Peter Blatherwick mailto:peter_blatherwick& 2006-07-19
[Roger_Marshall] Roger Marshall mailto:roger.marshall& 2016-05-12