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IP Multicast Traceroute Facility (Mtrace)

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Mtrace2 Forwarding Codes

Registration Procedure(s)
Specification Required
Available Formats

Value Name Description Reference
0x00 NO_ERROR No error [RFC8487]
0x01 WRONG_IF Mtrace2 Request arrived on an interface to which this router would not forward for the specified group towards the source or RP. [RFC8487]
0x02 PRUNE_SENT This router has sent a prune upstream which applies to the source and group in the Mtrace2 Request. [RFC8487]
0x03 PRUNE_RCVD This router has stopped forwarding for this source and group in response to a request from the downstream router. [RFC8487]
0x04 SCOPED The group is subject to administrative scoping at this router. [RFC8487]
0x05 NO_ROUTE This router has no route for the source or group and no way to determine a potential route. [RFC8487]
0x06 WRONG_LAST_HOP This router is not the proper LHR. [RFC8487]
0x07 NOT_FORWARDING This router is not forwarding this source and group out the outgoing interface for an unspecified reason. [RFC8487]
0x08 REACHED_RP Reached the Rendezvous Point. [RFC8487]
0x09 RPF_IF Mtrace2 Request arrived on the expected RPF interface for this source and group. [RFC8487]
0x0A NO_MULTICAST Mtrace2 Request arrived on an interface which is not enabled for multicast. [RFC8487]
0x0B INFO_HIDDEN One or more hops have been hidden from this trace. [RFC8487]
0x0C REACHED_GW Mtrace2 Request arrived on a gateway (e.g., a NAT or firewall) that hides the information between this router and the Mtrace2 client. [RFC8487]
0x0D UNKNOWN_QUERY A non-transitive Extended Query Type was received by a router which does not support the type. [RFC8487]
0x0E-0x7F Unassigned
0x80 FATAL_ERROR A fatal error is one where the router may know the upstream router but cannot forward the message to it. [RFC8487]
0x81 NO_SPACE There was not enough room to insert another Standard Response Block in the packet. [RFC8487]
0x82 ADMIN_PROHIB Mtrace2 is administratively prohibited. [RFC8487]
0x83-0xFF Unassigned

Mtrace2 TLV Types

Registration Procedure(s)
Specification Required
Available Formats

Code Type Reference
0x00 Reserved [RFC8487]
0x01 Mtrace2 Query [RFC8487]
0x02 Mtrace2 Request [RFC8487]
0x03 Mtrace2 Reply [RFC8487]
0x04 Mtrace2 Standard Response Block [RFC8487]
0x05 Mtrace2 Augmented Response Block [RFC8487]
0x06 Mtrace2 Extended Query Block [RFC8487]
0x07-0xFF Unassigned