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RDAP Extensions

Registration Procedure(s)
Specification Required
Andy Newton, Scott Hollenbeck
Available Formats

Extension Identifier Registry Operator Specification Contact Intended Usage
arin_originas0 [ARIN] [] [ARIN] COMMON
artRecord .ART [] [Gavin_Brown] COMMON
cidr0 Various RIRs under the NRO [] [ARIN] COMMON
farv1 Any [RFC9560] [IETF] This extension describes version 1 of a federated authentication method for RDAP using OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect.
fred [CZ.NIC_z._s._p._o.] [] [Jaromir_Talir] FRED is open source domain registry system that includes RDAP server. This RDAP server provides some extended features defined in specification.
icann_rdap_response_profile_0 ICANN [] [ICANN] COMMON
icann_rdap_response_profile_1 ICANN [] [ICANN] COMMON
icann_rdap_technical_implementation_guide_0 ICANN [] [ICANN] COMMON
icann_rdap_technical_implementation_guide_1 ICANN [] [ICANN] COMMON
nro_rdap_profile_0 Any [] [NRO] ADDRESS REGISTRIES
nro_rdap_profile_asn_flat_0 Any [] [NRO] ADDRESS REGISTRIES
nro_rdap_profile_asn_hierarchical_0 Any [] [NRO] ADDRESS REGISTRIES
paging Any [RFC8977] [IETF] This extension describes a best practice for result set paging.
platformNS Any [] [Gavin_Brown] COMMON
rdap_objectTag Any [RFC8521] [IESG] This extension describes a best practice for structuring entity identifiers to enable query bootstrapping.
redacted Any [RFC9537] [IETF] This extension identifies the redacted fields in an RDAP response.
redirect_with_content Any [] [Tom_Harrison] COMMON
regType Any [] [Gavin_Brown] COMMON
reverse_search Any [RFC9536] [IETF] This extension identifier is used for both URI path segments and response extensions related to the reverse search in RDAP.
sorting Any [RFC8977] [IETF] This extension describes a best practice for result set sorting.
subsetting Any [RFC8982] [IETF] This extension describes best practice for partial response provisioning.

Contact Information

ID Name Contact URI Last Updated
[ARIN] American Registry for Internet Numbers mailto:info& 2023-01-02
[CZ.NIC_z._s._p._o.] CZ.NIC, z. s. p. o. mailto:tech& 2016-03-30
[Gavin_Brown] Gavin Brown mailto:rdap& 2019-03-15
[ICANN] ICANN mailto:globalsupport&
[IESG] IESG mailto:iesg&
[IETF] IETF mailto:iesg&
[Jaromir_Talir] Jaromir Talir mailto:jaromir.talir& 2016-03-30
[NRO] NRO mailto:secretariat& 2021-01-27
[Tom_Harrison] Tom Harrison mailto:tomh& 2021-01-05