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Sieve Environment Items

The specifics of this registry are given in Section 4.3.
Available Formats

Range Registration Procedures
name begins with "vnd." First Come First Served
standardized (no "vnd." prefix) Standards track or experimental RFC
Capability name Description RFC number Contact address
domain The primary DNS domain associated with the Sieve execution context, usually but not always a proper suffix of the host name. [RFC5183] [The_Sieve_discussion_list]
host The fully-qualified domain name of the host where the Sieve script is executing. [RFC5183] [The_Sieve_discussion_list]
imap.changedflags If the script was invoked because of flag changes to an existing message, this contains the name(s) of the flag(s) that have changed. Otherwise, the value of this item MUST be the empty string. [RFC6785] [The_Sieve_discussion_list]
imap.cause The name of the action that caused the script to be invoked. Its value is one of the following: APPEND (for invocations resulting from APPEND commands), COPY (for invocations resulting from COPY commands), or FLAG (for invocations resulting from flag changes). [RFC6785] [The_Sieve_discussion_list] The primary email address of the IMAP user that caused the action (the user identified by "imap.user"). [RFC6785] [The_Sieve_discussion_list]
imap.mailbox The name of the mailbox that the affected message is in, in the case of existing messages, or is targeted to be stored into, in the case of new messages. The value of this item is fixed when the script begins, and, in particular, MUST NOT change as a result of any action, such as "fileinto". [RFC6785] [The_Sieve_discussion_list]
imap.user The identity (IMAP login ID) of the IMAP user that caused the action. [RFC6785] [The_Sieve_discussion_list]
location Type of service executing the Sieve script. [RFC5183] [The_Sieve_discussion_list]
name The product name associated with the Sieve interpreter. [RFC5183] [The_Sieve_discussion_list]
phase Point relative to final delivery at which the Sieve script is being evaluated. [RFC5183] [The_Sieve_discussion_list]
remote-host Host name of remote SMTP client, if applicable and available. [RFC5183] [The_Sieve_discussion_list]
remote-ip IP address of remote SMTP client, if applicable and available. [RFC5183] [The_Sieve_discussion_list]
version The product version associated with the Sieve interpreter. [RFC5183] [The_Sieve_discussion_list]
vnd.dovecot.* (anything starting with "vnd.dovecot.") An environment item specific to the Dovecot Secure IMAP server []. [Stephan_Bosch][Timo_Sirainen]

Contact Information

ID Name Contact URI Last Updated
[Stephan_Bosch] Stephan Bosch mailto:stephan&
[The_Sieve_discussion_list] The Sieve discussion list mailto:sieve&
[Timo_Sirainen] Timo Sirainen mailto:tss&