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Service Location Protocol Extensions, Version 2 (SLPv2)

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SLPv2 Extension IDs

Registration Procedure(s)
Expert Review
Erik Guttman
See [RFC2608] for the specification of SLPv2 and how it can be
extended.  New SLP Extensions with types in the range 2-65535 may be
registered following review by a Designated Expert.  Please submit
new extension requests to iana& with "SVRLOC-Extension Request"
in the subject field.
Available Formats

ID # Extension Name Note Contact Reference
0x0001 Attribute Missing SAs or DAs which receive a SrvReg or SrvRqst which omits an attribute which is marked 'required' in the Service Template associated with the service type MAY send this extension to warn the message sender. [Erik_Guttman] [RFC2609]
0x0002 Attribute List UAs may request and obtain attribute lists along with Service Replies. [Erik_Guttman] [RFC3059]
0x0003 Vendor Opaque Vendors may attach specific extensions to SLP messages for their own purposes. [Erik_Guttman] [RFC3224]
0x0004 Subscribe UAs request DAs inform them when services of a particular service type and scope appear or disappear. [James_Kempf] [RFC3082]
0x0005 NotifyAt DAs inform SAs what service types and scopes to multicast notifications for, and which multicast groups to use. [James_Kempf] [RFC3082]
0x0006 Mesh-enhancement DA mesh control messages are sent as extensions to DAAdvert messages between mesh-enhanced DAs. [Weibin_Zhao] [RFC3528]
0x4001 SLP Local Service Autoderegistration Extension This extension effects SrvReg messages sent from a local SA client to a SA server (as described by [draft-kempf-svrloc-rfc2614bis-01]). A process ID is included. The SA will deregister the service if the process ID is no longer valid. [Matt_Peterson] [none available]
0x4002 Select UAs use this extension in a SrvRqst to request DAs/SAs limit the maximum number of URL entries in the corresponding SrvRply. DAs/SAs use this extension in a SrvRply to inform UAs the total number of matching URL entries. [Weibin_Zhao] [RFC3421]
0x4003 Sort UAs use this extension in a SrvRqst to request DAs/SAs sort the URL entries in the corresponding SrvRply according to to the specified sort key list. [Weibin_Zhao] [RFC3421]
0x4004-0x7FFF Unassigned

Contact Information

ID Name Contact URI Last Updated
[Matt_Peterson] Matt Peterson mailto:matt&
[James_Kempf] James Kempf mailto:james.kempf&
[Erik_Guttman] Erik Guttman mailto:erik&
[Weibin_Zhao] Weibin Zhao mailto:zwb&