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YANG Module Tag Prefixes

Registration Procedure(s)
Specification Required
Christian Hopps, Lou Berger, Dean Bogdanovic
Available Formats

Prefix Description Assignee Reference
ietf: IETF tags allocated in the IANA "IETF YANG Module Tags” registry. IETF [RFC8819]
vendor: Non-registered tags allocated by the module implementer. IETF [RFC8819]
user: Non-registered tags allocated by and for the user. IETF [RFC8819]

IETF YANG Module Tags

Registration Procedure(s)
IETF Review
Available Formats

Tag Description Reference
ietf:network-element-class Network element as defined in [RFC8199]. [RFC8199]
ietf:network-service-class Network service as defined in [RFC8199]. [RFC8199]
ietf:sdo-defined-class Module is defined by a standards organization. [RFC8199]
ietf:vendor-defined-class Module is defined by a vendor. [RFC8199]
ietf:user-defined-class Module is defined by the user. [RFC8199]
ietf:hardware Relates to hardware (e.g., inventory). [RFC8819]
ietf:software Relates to software (e.g., installed OS). [RFC8819]
ietf:protocol Represents a protocol (often combined with another tag to refine). [RFC8819]
ietf:qos Relates to quality of service. [RFC8819]
ietf:network-service-app Relates to a network service application (e.g., an NTP server, DNS server, DHCP server, etc). [RFC8819]
ietf:system-management Relates to system management (e.g., a system management protocol such as syslog, TACAC+, SNMP, netconf, etc). [RFC8819]
ietf:oam Relates to Operations, Administration, and Maintenance (e.g., BFD). [RFC8819]
ietf:routing Relates to routing. [RFC8819]
ietf:security Relates to security. [RFC8819]
ietf:signaling Relates to control-plane signaling. [RFC8819]
ietf:link-management Relates to link management. [RFC8819]