Service Name and Transport Protocol Port Number Registry

Last Updated
TCP/UDP: Joe Touch; Eliot Lear, Allison Mankin, Markku Kojo, Kumiko Ono, Martin Stiemerling, 
Lars Eggert, Alexey Melnikov, Wes Eddy, Alexander Zimmermann, Brian Trammell, and Jana Iyengar
SCTP: Allison Mankin and Michael Tuexen
DCCP: Eddie Kohler and Yoshifumi Nishida
Service names and port numbers are used to distinguish between different
services that run over transport protocols such as TCP, UDP, DCCP, and

Service names are assigned on a first-come, first-served process, as
documented in [RFC6335].

Port numbers are assigned in various ways, based on three ranges: System
Ports (0-1023), User Ports (1024-49151), and the Dynamic and/or Private
Ports (49152-65535); the difference uses of these ranges is described in
[RFC6335]. System Ports are assigned by IETF
process for standards-track protocols, as per [RFC6335].  User Ports
are assigned by IANA using the "IETF Review" process, the "IESG 
Approval" process, or the "Expert Review" process, as per
[RFC6335].  Dynamic Ports are not assigned.

The registration procedures for service names and port numbers are
described in [RFC6335].

Assigned ports both System and User ports SHOULD NOT be used without
or prior to IANA registration.

* PLEASE NOTE THE FOLLOWING:                                           *
*                                                                      *
* REGISTERED OR NOT.                                                   *
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Service Name Port Number Transport Protocol Description Assignee Contact Registration Date Modification Date Reference Service Code Known Unauthorized Uses Assignment Notes
iad1 BBN IAD 2013-05-24 This service name is no longer in use.
iad2 BBN IAD 2013-05-24 This service name is no longer in use.
iad3 BBN IAD 2013-05-24 This service name is no longer in use.
iaudit tcp Braemar Inventory audit [Braemar_Consulting] [Richard_Thompson] 2014-03-05 Defined TXT keys: None
ibiz iBiz Server [IGG_Software] [IGG_Software] Defined TXT keys: None
ica-networking Image Capture Networking [Baskaran_Subramaniam] [Baskaran_Subramaniam] Defined TXT keys: None
ican Northrup Grumman/TASC/ICAN Protocol [Laurent_Mihalkovic] [Laurent_Mihalkovic] Defined TXT keys: None
ichalkboard iChalk [Math_Game_House_Soft] [Math_Game_House_Soft] Defined TXT keys: None
ichat iChat 1.0 [Jens_Alfke] [Jens_Alfke] Defined TXT keys: Proprietary
iconquer iConquer [Andrew_Zamler_Carhar] [Andrew_Zamler_Carhar] Defined TXT keys: None
icontrolbox tcp A Remote Control Application service used to control Computers on a Local Area Network [Umair_Cheema] [Umair_Cheema] 2013-07-08 Defined TXT keys: None
idata Generic Data Acquisition and Control Protocol [Carson_Fenimore] [Carson_Fenimore] Defined TXT keys: None
idcws Intermec Device Configuration Web Services [Thaddeus_Ternes] [Thaddeus_Ternes] Defined TXT keys: version=<x.xx>
idsync SplashID Synchronization Service [Justin_Cepelak] [Justin_Cepelak] Defined TXT keys: Proprietary
iffl iFFL Bonjour service for communication between client and server applications. [Kevin_Gregory] [Kevin_Gregory] 2016-03-20 Defined TXT keys: None
ifolder Published iFolder [Brady_Anderson] [Brady_Anderson] Defined TXT keys: version=?
ihouse Idle Hands iHouse Protocol [Toby_Smith] [Toby_Smith] Defined TXT keys: None
ii-drills Instant Interactive Drills [Ricky_Sharp] [Ricky_Sharp] Defined TXT keys: None
ii-konane Instant Interactive Konane [Ricky_Sharp] [Ricky_Sharp] Defined TXT keys: None
ilynx iLynX [iOS_Software] [iOS_Software] Defined TXT keys: None
im tcp Instant Messaging [RFC3861]
im udp Instant Messaging [RFC3861]
imagescal tcp ImagesCal App Data Sharing [Three_Lights_Software_LLC] [Gus_Asadi] 2014-07-22 Defined TXT keys: None
imidi iMidi [Robert_Grant] [Robert_Grant] Defined TXT keys: None
imgsync tcp Protocol synchronizing Image data [Canon_Inc_2] [Kazuo_Moritomo] 2013-03-28 Defined TXT keys: srvver, mf, md, mn, tid, srv, sid, myhwa, imglist, devAid, serAid, vever
ims-ni tcp Noise Inspector [IMS_merilni_sistemi] [Metod_Celestina] 2012-08-24 Defined TXT keys: SN (serial number), SVER (software version), HVER (hardware version), PVER (protocol version))
indigo-dvr Indigo Security Digital Video Recorders [Haram_Lee] [Haram_Lee] Defined TXT keys: Proprietary
infboard tcp InfBoard interactive whiteboard protocol [Eric_Sean_Conner] [Eric_Sean_Conner] 2011-10-17 Defined TXT keys: Proprietary
innergroup tcp Service for a Communications App [Santo_Porpiglia] [Santo_Porpiglia] 2015-05-28 Defined TXT keys: None
inova-ontrack Inova Solutions OnTrack Display Protocol Defined TXT keys: None
iot tcp Internet-of-things (IoT) JSON telegram service [SEVENSTAX_GmbH] [Ralf_Schwarzer] 2015-11-05 Defined TXT keys: <type>:application specific kind of protocol; <vers>:version of the 'type'; <device>:device descriptor
iota tcp iotaMed medical records server [MITM] [Martin_Wehlou] 2011-10-18 Defined TXT keys: none
ipbroadcaster IP Broadcaster [base_t_Interactive] [base_t_Interactive] Defined TXT keys: None
ipspeaker IP Speaker Control Protocol [Dan_Mahn] [Dan_Mahn] Defined TXT keys: None
ir-hvac-000 tcp HVAC SMIL Server [Ingersoll_Rand_Inc] [John_Taylor] 2011-09-28 Defined TXT keys: None
irelay iRelay application discovery service [Marc_Diamante] [Marc_Diamante] Defined TXT keys: Proprietary
irmc Intego Remote Management Console [Olivier_Delecluse] [Olivier_Delecluse] Defined TXT keys: RMC Client Version=<version>, MAC Address=<address>
irobotmcs tcp iRobot Monitor and Control Service [iRobot_Corporation] [Tim_Farlow] 2013-11-07 Defined TXT keys: None
irobotmcs udp iRobot Monitor and Control Service [iRobot_Corporation] [Tim_Farlow] 2013-11-07 Defined TXT keys: None
iroid-sd tcp Iroid Data Service Discovery [iroïd] [Tom_Wagner] 2016-04-22 Defined TXT keys: none
irradiatd-iclip tcp iClip clipboard transfer [Irradiated_Software] [Thomas_Tempelmann] 2012-06-19 Defined TXT keys: none
irt-sharing tcp Image Resizer Toolbox preview sharing service [] [Juan_Guerrero] 2015-06-30 Defined TXT keys: irtshrng
isparx iSparx [Philipp_Dreiss] [Philipp_Dreiss] Defined TXT keys: None
ispq-vc iSpQ VideoChat [Chris_Silverberg] [Chris_Silverberg] Defined TXT keys: None
ishare iShare [Steve_Dekorte] [Steve_Dekorte] Defined TXT keys: None
isticky iSticky [Insist] [Insist] Defined TXT keys: None
istorm iStorm [Math_Game_House_Soft] [Math_Game_House_Soft] Defined TXT keys: None
isynchronize tcp iSynchronize data synchronization protocol [Smart_Apps_LTD] [Sergey_Bolshedvorsky] 2011-10-11 Defined TXT keys: none
itap-publish tcp iTap Publishing Service [HLW_Software_Development_GmbH] [Michael_Lacher] 2011-10-11 Defined TXT keys: uuid=<unique server key>
itis-device IT-IS International Ltd. Device [Ben_Webster] [Ben_Webster] Defined TXT keys: type=<product type> configuration=<product configuration> description=<human readable description> version=<device and protocol version>
itsrc iTunes Socket Remote Control [Kevin_Leacock] [Kevin_Leacock] Defined TXT keys: None
ivef Inter VTS Exchange Format [Harry_ten_Berge] [Harry_ten_Berge] Defined TXT keys: None
iwork iWork Server [IGG_Software] [IGG_Software] Defined TXT keys: None
jcan Northrup Grumman/TASC/JCAN Protocol [Laurent_Mihalkovic] [Laurent_Mihalkovic] Defined TXT keys: None
jeditx Jedit X [Satoshi_Matsumoto] [Satoshi_Matsumoto] Defined TXT keys: None
jini Jini Service Discovery [Daniel_Steinberg] [Daniel_Steinberg] Defined TXT keys: None
jmap tcp JSON Mail Access Protocol [JMAP_editor] [Robert_Norris] 2016-01-22 Defined TXT keys: None
jnx-kcsync tcp jollys keychain cloud sync protocol [Patrick_Stein] [Patrick_Stein] 2011-10-24 Defined TXT keys: hash=<40hex characters> salt=<40hex characters> uuid=<40hex characters> Example: hash=5e7580598c0d7064d4fc79faaeb42585e1a675f8 salt=f0164cb3a0c3d7efe75abea8fda86d2d56c8dda9 uuid=db61dc092922252e45bbb264f59147138c7fd5fa
jtag Proprietary [Uwe_Ziegler] [Uwe_Ziegler] Defined TXT keys: blocked=<name of the device>, version=<firmware/instrument controller version>
jukebox tcp Jukebox Request Service [Gary_Giebler_2] [Gary_Giebler_2] 2011-10-18 Defined TXT keys: None
jukejoint tcp Music sharing protocol [Phrenetic_Apps_LLC] [Christopher_Pow] 2016-04-12 Defined TXT keys: none
keynoteaccess tcp KeynoteAccess is used for sending remote requests/responses when controlling a slideshow with Keynote Remote [Apple] [Brad_Vaughan] 2011-10-12 Defined TXT keys: None
keynotepairing tcp KeynotePairing is used to pair Keynote Remote with Keynote [Apple] [Brad_Vaughan] 2011-10-12 Defined TXT keys: None
kiwin tcp Topology Discovery [Stephen_kiwin_PALM] [Stephen_kiwin_PALM] 2015-06-30 Defined TXT keys: kiwin, top
ktp Kabira Transaction Platform [Ramiro_Sarmiento] [Ramiro_Sarmiento] Defined TXT keys: None
la-maint IMP Logical Address Maintenance 2013-05-24 This service name is no longer in use.
labyrinth udp Labyrinth local multiplayer protocol [Andreas_Alptun] [Andreas_Alptun] Defined TXT keys: None
lan2p Lan2P Peer-to-Peer Network Protocol [Ben_Guild] [Ben_Guild] Defined TXT keys: None
lapse Gawker [Phil_Piwonka] [Phil_Piwonka] Defined TXT keys: None
leaf Lua Embedded Application Framework [Ico_Doornekamp] [Ico_Doornekamp] Defined TXT keys: name=<readable name> product=<product name/model> version=<version number>
lexicon Lexicon Vocabulary Sharing [Jacob_Godwin_Jones] [Jacob_Godwin_Jones] Defined TXT keys: None
liaison Liaison [Brian_Cully] [Brian_Cully] Defined TXT keys: None
library Delicious Library 2 Collection Data Sharing Protocol [William_Shipley] [William_Shipley] Defined TXT keys: None
libratone Protocol for setup and control of Libratone products [Libratone_AS] [Claus_Jensen] 2011-10-27 Defined TXT keys: None
licor LI-COR Biosciences instrument discovery [Software_LI-COR_Biosciences] [Kevin_Ediger] 2011-10-18 Defined TXT keys: None
llrp-secure RFID reader Low Level Reader Protocol over SSL/TLS [Jason_Schoon_2] [Jason_Schoon_2] Defined TXT keys: None
lobby Gobby [Gobby_0x539] [Gobby_0x539] Defined TXT keys: None
logicnode udp Logic Pro Distributed Audio [Nikolaus_Gerteis] [Nikolaus_Gerteis] Defined TXT keys: None
lonbridge Echelon LonBridge Server [Rich_Blomseth] [Rich_Blomseth] Defined TXT keys: None
lontalk LonTalk over IP (ANSI 852) [Michael_Tennefoss] [Michael_Tennefoss] Defined TXT keys: None
lonworks Echelon LNS Remote Client [Michael_Tennefoss] [Michael_Tennefoss] Defined TXT keys: None
lsys-appserver Linksys One Application Server API [Frank_Zerangue] [Frank_Zerangue] Defined TXT keys: path=value (relative URL) engname=value (string)
lsys-camera Linksys One Camera API [Frank_Zerangue] [Frank_Zerangue] Defined TXT keys: brand=value (string) model=value (string) version=value (string)
lsys-ezcfg LinkSys EZ Configuration [Frank_Zerangue] [Frank_Zerangue] Defined TXT keys: model=value (string) serial=value (sring) hwversion=value (string) swversion=value (string) ifversion=value (string) type=value (string) mac=value (12 hex digits)
lsys-oamp LinkSys Operations, Administration, Management, and Provisioning [Frank_Zerangue] [Frank_Zerangue] Defined TXT keys: model=value (string) serial=value (sring) hwversion=value (string) swversion=value (string) ifversion=value (string) type=value (string) mac=value (12 hex digits)
lumiere tcp A protocol to remotely control DMX512 devices over the network [Gangsta_Ltd] [Jean-Charles_Boude] 2011-10-13 Defined TXT keys: None
lumis-lca tcp Lumis Cache Appliance Protocol [Lumis] [Rodrigo_Terra] 2011-10-24 Defined TXT keys: none
lux-dtp Lux Solis Data Transport Protocol [Laurence_Flath] [Laurence_Flath] Defined TXT keys: None
lxi LXI [Nick_Barendt_2] [Nick_Barendt_2] Defined TXT keys: txtvers, *IDN?=<response defined by IEEE 488; e.g., manufacturer, model, serial number, version>
lyrics iPod Lyrics Service [Gary_Giebler] [Gary_Giebler] Defined TXT keys: Proprietary
M30S1PT tcp Moritz30-Project Standard protocol 1 Plain Text [Moritz30] [Matthias_Merkel] 2015-12-07 Defined TXT keys: None
M30S1PT udp Moritz30-Project Standard protocol 1 Plain Text [Moritz30] [Matthias_Merkel] 2015-12-07 Defined TXT keys: None
macfoh MacFOH [Shaun_Wexler] [Shaun_Wexler] Defined TXT keys: None
macfoh-admin MacFOH admin services [Shaun_Wexler] [Shaun_Wexler] Defined TXT keys: None
macfoh-audio udp MacFOH audio stream [Shaun_Wexler] [Shaun_Wexler] Defined TXT keys: None
macfoh-events udp MacFOH show control events [Shaun_Wexler] [Shaun_Wexler] Defined TXT keys: None
macfoh-data udp MacFOH realtime data [Shaun_Wexler] [Shaun_Wexler] Defined TXT keys: None
macfoh-db MacFOH database [Shaun_Wexler] [Shaun_Wexler] Defined TXT keys: None
macfoh-remote MacFOH Remote [Shaun_Wexler] [Shaun_Wexler] Defined TXT keys: None
macminder Mac Minder [Luma_Code] [Luma_Code] Defined TXT keys: None
maestro Maestro Music Sharing Service [Luke_Steffen] [Luke_Steffen] Defined TXT keys: None


ID Name Organization Contact URI Last Updated
[Andreas_Alptun] Andreas Alptun mailto:info&
[Andrew_Zamler_Carhar] Andrew Zamler-Carhart mailto:andrew&
[Apple] Apple mailto:vaughan& 2011-10-12
[Baskaran_Subramaniam] Baskaran Subramaniam mailto:baskaran&
[Ben_Guild] Ben Guild mailto:smash&
[Ben_Webster] Ben Webster mailto:b.webster&
[Brad_Vaughan] Brad Vaughan Apple mailto:vaughan& 2011-10-12
[Braemar_Consulting] Braemar Consulting mailto:richardt& 2014-03-05
[Brady_Anderson] Brady Anderson mailto:banderso&
[Brian_Cully] Brian Cully mailto:shmit&
[Canon_Inc_2] Canon Inc mailto:fujii.ken-ichi149& 2013-03-28
[Carson_Fenimore] Carson Fenimore mailto:carson.fenimore&
[Chris_Silverberg] Chris Silverberg mailto:csilverberg&
[Christopher_Pow] Christopher Pow Phrenetic_Apps_LLC mailto:christopher.s.pow& 2016-04-12
[Claus_Jensen] Claus Jensen Libratone A/S mailto:cjn& 2011-10-27
[Dan_Mahn] Dan Mahn mailto:dan.mahn&
[Daniel_Steinberg] Daniel Steinberg mailto:daniel&
[Eric_Sean_Conner] Eric Sean Conner mailto:esconner& 2011-10-17
[] mailto:juan.guerrero& 2015-06-30
[Frank_Zerangue] Frank Zerangue mailto:fzerang&
[Gangsta_Ltd] Gangsta Ltd. mailto:jc& 2011-10-13
[Gary_Giebler] Gary Giebler mailto:gary&
[Gary_Giebler_2] Gary Giebler mailto:gary& 2011-10-18
[Gobby_0x539] 0x539 dev group
[Gus_Asadi] Gus Asadi 3 Lights Software LLC mailto:support& 2014-07-22
[Haram_Lee] Haram Lee mailto:layne&
[Harry_ten_Berge] Harry ten Berge mailto:berge&
[HLW_Software_Development_GmbH] HLW Software Development GmbH mailto:office& 2011-10-11
[IGG_Software] IGG Software mailto:ian&
[Ico_Doornekamp] Ico Doornekamp mailto:ico&
[IMS_merilni_sistemi] IMS merilni sistemi d.o.o. mailto:info& 2012-08-24
[Ingersoll_Rand_Inc] Ingersoll Rand, Inc. mailto:john.taylor& 2011-09-28
[Insist] Insist mailto:support&
[iRobot_Corporation] iRobot Corporation mailto:DL-ENG-SW-Management& 2013-11-07
[Irradiated_Software] Irradiated Software mailto:info& 2012-06-19
[Jacob_Godwin_Jones] Jacob Godwin-Jones mailto:jacob&
[Jason_Schoon_2] Jason Schoon mailto:jason.schoon&
[Jean-Charles_Boude] Jean-Charles Boude Gangsta Ltd. mailto:jc& 2011-10-17
[Jens_Alfke] Jens Alfke mailto:jens&
[JMAP_editor] JMAP editor mailto:editor& 2016-01-22
[John_Taylor] John Taylor Ingersoll Rand, Inc. mailto:john.taylor& 2011-09-28
[Juan_Guerrero] Juan Guerrero mailto:ryoma.nagare& 2015-06-30
[Justin_Cepelak] Justin Cepelak mailto:jcepelak&
[Kazuo_Moritomo] Kazuo Moritomo Canon Inc mailto:moritomo.kazuo& 2013-03-28
[Kevin_Ediger] Kevin Ediger Software LI-COR Biosciences mailto:kevin.ediger& 2011-10-18
[Kevin_Gregory] Kevin Gregory mailto:kevin& 2016-03-20
[Kevin_Leacock] Kevin Leacock mailto:kevin&
[Laurence_Flath] Laurence Flath mailto:lflath&
[Laurent_Mihalkovic] Laurent Mihalkovic mailto:ljp_m&
[Libratone_AS] Libratone A/S mailto:info& 2011-10-27
[Luke_Steffen] Luke Steffen mailto:lukesteffen&
[Luma_Code] Luma Code mailto:support&
[Lumis] Lumis mailto:rterra& 2011-10-24
[Marc_Diamante] Marc Diamante mailto:pgmp&
[Martin_Wehlou] J. Martin Wehlou Man In The Middle AB mailto:martin& 2011-10-18
[Math_Game_House_Soft] Math Game House Software mailto:mathgamehouse&
[Matthias_Merkel] Matthias Merkel mailto:moritz30& 2015-12-07
[Metod_Celestina] Metod Celestina IMS merilni sistemi d.o.o. mailto:metod.celestina& 2012-08-24
[Michael_Lacher] Michael Lacher HLW Software Development GmbH mailto:michael.lacher& 2011-10-11
[Michael_Tennefoss] Michael Tennefoss mailto:mtennefoss&
[MITM] Man In The Middle AB mailto:martin& 2011-10-18
[Moritz30] Moritz30 mailto:moritz30& 2015-12-07
[Nick_Barendt_2] Nick Barendt mailto:nbarendt&
[Nikolaus_Gerteis] Nikolaus Gerteis mailto:ngerteis&
[Olivier_Delecluse] Olivier Delecluse mailto:odelecluse&
[Patrick_Stein] Patrick Stein mailto:Patrick.Stein& 2011-10-24
[Phil_Piwonka] Phil Piwonka mailto:wnka&
[Philipp_Dreiss] Philipp Dreiss mailto:dreiss&
[Phrenetic_Apps_LLC] Phrenetic Apps LLC mailto:christopher.s.pow& 2016-04-12
[Ralf_Schwarzer] Ralf Schwarzer mailto:ralf.schwarzer& 2015-11-05
[Ramiro_Sarmiento] Ramiro Sarmiento mailto:ramiro&
[Rich_Blomseth] Rich Blomseth mailto:rich&
[Richard_Thompson] Richard Thompson Braemar Consulting mailto:richardt& 2014-03-05
[Ricky_Sharp] Ricky Sharp mailto:rsharp&
[Robert_Grant] Robert Grant mailto:rob&
[Robert_Norris] Robert Norris mailto:robn& 2016-01-22
[Rodrigo_Terra] Rodrigo Terra Lumis mailto:rterra& 2011-10-24
[Santo_Porpiglia] Santo Porpiglia mailto:sonnyporpiglia& 2015-05-28
[Satoshi_Matsumoto] Satoshi Matsumoto mailto:satoshi&
[Sergey_Bolshedvorsky] Sergey Bolshedvorsky Smart Apps LTD mailto:info& 2011-10-11
[SEVENSTAX_GmbH] SEVENSTAX GmbH mailto:info& 2015-11-05
[Shaun_Wexler] Shaun Wexler mailto:dev&
[Smart_Apps_LTD] Smart Apps LTD mailto:info& 2011-10-11
[Software_LI-COR_Biosciences] Software LI-COR Biosciences mailto:kevin.ediger& 2011-10-18
[Stephen_kiwin_PALM] Stephen [kiwin] PALM mailto:iana& 2015-06-30
[Steve_Dekorte] Steve Dekorte mailto:steve&
[Thaddeus_Ternes] Thaddeus Ternes mailto:thaddeus.ternes&
[Thomas_Tempelmann] Thomas Tempelmann mailto:tt& 2012-06-19
[Three_Lights_Software_LLC] 3 Lights Software LLC mailto:support& 2014-07-22
[Tim_Farlow] Tim Farlow iRobot Corporation mailto:tfarlow& 2013-11-07
[Toby_Smith] Toby Smith mailto:dns&
[Tom_Wagner] Tom Wagner iroïd mailto:tom& 2016-04-22
[Umair_Cheema] Umair Cheema mailto:cheema& 2013-07-08
[Uwe_Ziegler] Uwe Ziegler Goepel electronic GmbH mailto:u.ziegler&
[William_Shipley] William Shipley mailto:wjs&
[base_t_Interactive] 10base-t Interactive mailto:support&
[iOS_Software] iOS Software mailto:ios&