Service Name and Transport Protocol Port Number Registry

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TCP/UDP: Joe Touch; Eliot Lear, Allison Mankin, Markku Kojo, Kumiko Ono, Martin Stiemerling, 
Lars Eggert, Alexey Melnikov, Wes Eddy, Alexander Zimmermann, Brian Trammell, and Jana Iyengar
SCTP: Allison Mankin and Michael Tuexen
DCCP: Eddie Kohler and Yoshifumi Nishida
Service names and port numbers are used to distinguish between different
services that run over transport protocols such as TCP, UDP, DCCP, and

Service names are assigned on a first-come, first-served process, as
documented in [RFC6335].

Port numbers are assigned in various ways, based on three ranges: System
Ports (0-1023), User Ports (1024-49151), and the Dynamic and/or Private
Ports (49152-65535); the difference uses of these ranges is described in
[RFC6335]. According to Section 8.1.2 of [RFC6335], System Ports are 
assigned by the "IETF Review" or "IESG Approval" procedures described in 
[RFC8126]. User Ports are assigned by IANA using the "IETF Review" process, 
the "IESG Approval" process, or the "Expert Review" process, as per 
[RFC6335]. Dynamic Ports are not assigned.

The registration procedures for service names and port numbers are
described in [RFC6335].

Assigned ports both System and User ports SHOULD NOT be used without
or prior to IANA registration.

* PLEASE NOTE THE FOLLOWING:                                           *
*                                                                      *
* REGISTERED OR NOT.                                                   *
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Service Name Port Number Transport Protocol Description Assignee Contact Registration Date Modification Date Reference Service Code Known Unauthorized Uses Assignment Notes
dhanda-g sctp DHANDAg is going for a site [DHANDAg] [Deepam] 2017-12-29 Defined TXT keys: None
dictation Use of a dictation service by a hand-held device [Nuance_Communications_Inc] [Mark_Jackson] 2011-10-27 Defined TXT keys: ver, name
difi EyeHome [Elgato] [Elgato] Defined TXT keys: None
disconnect DisConnect Peer to Peer Game Protocol [Michael_S_Bogovich] [Michael_S_Bogovich] Defined TXT keys: None
displaysrc tcp Wi-Fi Alliance Display Source service [Wi-Fi_Alliance_3] [Gaurav_Jain] 2017-03-14 Defined TXT keys: None
dist-opencl Distributed OpenCL discovery protocol [William_Dillon] [William_Dillon] 2013-04-10 Defined TXT keys: TCPendpoint, UDPendpoint, UUID
ditrios Ditrios SOA Framework Protocol [Mark_Schmatz] [Mark_Schmatz] Defined TXT keys:
divelogsync Dive Log Data Sharing and Synchronization Protocol [Greg_McLaughlin] [Greg_McLaughlin] Defined TXT keys: None
dlpx-sp tcp Delphix Session Protocol [Delphix_Corp] [Peng_Dai] 2012-10-02 Defined TXT keys: None
dltimesync udp Local Area Dynamic Time Synchronisation Protocol [Geoff_Back_3] [Geoff_Back_3] Defined TXT keys: None
dns-sd DNS Service Discovery [Stuart_Cheshire_5][Marc_Krochmal] [Stuart_Cheshire_5][Marc_Krochmal] Not a service type. Special name reserved for DNS-SD meta queries.
dns-update udp DNS Dynamic Update Service [Kiren_Sekar_2] [Kiren_Sekar_2] DNS Dynamic Update Service for a given domain may not necessarily be provided by the principal name servers as advertised by the domain's "NS" records, and may not necessarily always be provided on port 53. The "_dns-update._udp.<domain>." SRV record gives the target host and port where DNS Dynamic Update Service is provided for the named domain.
dop Roar (Death of Productivity) [Massive_Flow_Product] [Massive_Flow_Product] Defined TXT keys: name=<full username>
dropcopy DropCopy [base_t_Interactive] [base_t_Interactive] Defined TXT keys: None
dsgsync Datacolor SpyderGallery Desktop Sync Protocol [Datacolor] [Heath_Barber] 2011-10-14 Defined TXT keys: Proprietary
dsl-sync Data Synchronization Protocol for Discovery Software products [John_Hogg] [John_Hogg] Defined TXT keys: Proprietary
dtrmtdesktop Desktop Transporter Remote Desktop Protocol [Daniel_Stodle] [Daniel_Stodle] Defined TXT keys: None
duckrace tcp A communication protocol that allows a school teacher to set work activities to students over a LAN. [Stinky_Kitten_Limited] [Gary_Atkinson] 2013-10-03 Defined TXT keys: txtvers uuid devicename
dxtgsync Documents To Go Desktop Sync Protocol [Tim_Boyle] [Tim_Boyle] Defined TXT keys: Proprietary
ea-dttx-poker Protocol for EA Downtown Texas Hold 'em [Ben_Lewis] [Ben_Lewis] Defined TXT keys: None
earphoria Earphoria [Rogue_Amoeba] [Rogue_Amoeba] Defined TXT keys: None
easyspndlg-sync tcp Sync service for the Easy Spend Log app [Aaron_L_Bratcher] [Aaron_L_Bratcher] 2011-10-17 Defined TXT keys: None
eb-amuzi Amuzi peer-to-peer session synchronization protocol [Zachary_Gramana] [Zachary_Gramana] Defined TXT keys: Proprietary
eb-sync tcp Easy Books App data sync helper for Mac OS X and iOS [Geode_Software_Ltd] [Mathew_Waters] 2014-05-14 Defined TXT keys: None
eb-sync udp Easy Books App data sync helper for Mac OS X and iOS [Geode_Software_Ltd] [Mathew_Waters] 2014-05-14 Defined TXT keys: None
ebms ebXML Messaging [Matthew_MacKenzie] [Matthew_MacKenzie] Defined TXT keys: Endpoint=</path/to/endpoint>
ecms Northrup Grumman/Mission Systems/ESL Data Flow Protocol [Dan_Goff] [Dan_Goff] Defined TXT keys: None
ebreg ebXML Registry [Matthew_MacKenzie] [Matthew_MacKenzie] Defined TXT keys: HttpBinding=</path/to/registry/http/binding>
ecbyesfsgksc Net Monitor Anti-Piracy Service [Guy_Meyer] [Guy_Meyer] Defined TXT keys: None
edcp udp LaCie Ethernet Disk Configuration Protocol [Nicolas_Bouilleaud] [Nicolas_Bouilleaud] Defined TXT keys: ip, mac, dhcp, mask, gtwy, wins, name, version
edsservice tcp Provides resolution of EDS services available on a given network [Morpho_Detection_LLC] [Natarajan_Subramanian] 2016-07-19 Defined TXT keys: None
eeg tcp EEG System Discovery across local and wide area networks [Shifted_Current] [Joel_Aaron_Clipperton] 2012-09-11 Defined TXT keys: Type
efkon-elite tcp EFKON Lightweight Interface to Traffic Events [EFKON_AG] [Thomas_Kemmer] 2011-10-20 Defined TXT keys: txtvers, protovers, model, serial, scheme, path
egistix Egistix Auto-Discovery [Dave_Lindquist_2] [Dave_Lindquist_2] Defined TXT keys: None
eheap Interactive Room Software Infrastructure (Event Sharing) Defined TXT keys: None
embrace DataEnvoy [Rob_MacGregor] [Rob_MacGregor] Defined TXT keys: None
enphase-envoy tcp Enphase Energy Envoy [Enphase_Energy_Inc] [Chris_Eich] 2011-11-08 Defined TXT keys: - txtvers - protovers - serialnum
ep Endpoint Protocol (EP) for use in Home Automation systems [Tommy_van_der_Vorst] [Tommy_van_der_Vorst] Defined TXT keys: dns-sd_mdns
esp tcp Extensis Server Protocol [Loren_Barr] [Loren_Barr] 2006-12 Defined TXT keys: none
est tcp Enrollment Over Secure Transport [Jack_Visoky] [Jack_Visoky] 2017-10-06 [RFC7030]. Defined TXT keys: none
eucalyptus Eucalyptus Discovery [Support_Team] [Support_Team] Defined TXT keys: Eucalyptus-DNS-SD
eventserver Now Up-to-Date Defined TXT keys: None
evp tcp EvP - Generic EVENT protocol [Quentin_Glidic] 2013-06-05 Defined TXT keys: None
evs-notif EVS Notification Center Protocol [Eric_Gillet] [Eric_Gillet] Defined TXT keys: ID, Address
ewalletsync Synchronization Protocol for Ilium Software's eWallet [Dan_Amstutz] [Dan_Amstutz] Defined TXT keys: name=<friendly device name>
example Example Service Type Not a real service type. Special 'pretend' service types ("_example._udp" and "_example._tcp") reserved for use in illustrative examples in books and other documentation.
exb Exbiblio Cascading Service Protocol [Claes_Fredrik_Mannby] [Claes_Fredrik_Mannby] Defined TXT keys: Will be described at
extensissn Extensis Serial Number [Extensis] [Extensis] Defined TXT keys: None
eyetvsn EyeTV Sharing [Elgato] [Elgato] Defined TXT keys: txtvers=1, keyhash=<4 bytes>
facespan FaceSpan [Kerry_Hazelgren] [Kerry_Hazelgren] Defined TXT keys: None
faxstfx FAXstf [Smith_Micro] [Smith_Micro] Defined TXT keys: None
feed-sharing NetNewsWire 2.0 [Ranchero_Software] [Ranchero_Software] Defined TXT keys: None
feldwesen tcp proprietary [Kiel_University_of_Applied_Sciences] [Matthias-Christian_Ott] 2016-06-19 Defined TXT keys: None
firetask Firetask task sharing and synchronization protocol [Gerald_Aquila] [Gerald_Aquila] Defined TXT keys: None
fish Fish [Oriol_Ferrer_Mesia] [Oriol_Ferrer_Mesia] Defined TXT keys: None
fix Financial Information Exchange (FIX) Protocol [Joakim_Johansson] [Joakim_Johansson] Defined TXT keys: Currently valid enumerated values: FIX Session Protocol Versions (SESSIONVERSION): 1.1 FIX Application Protocol Versions (APPLICATIONVERSION): 2.7, 3.0, 4.0, 4.1, 4.2, 4.3, 4.4, 5.0 Possible TXT records defined and their values (replace uppercase text with enumerations from the list above): txtvers=1 fix=APPLICATIONVERSION fix supported=APPLICATIONVERSION[,APPLICATIONVERSION, ... ,APPLICATIONVERSION] fixt=SESSIONVERSION
fjork Fjork [John_Schilling] [John_Schilling] Defined TXT keys: None
fl-purr udp FilmLight Cluster Power Control Service [Darrin_Smart] [Darrin_Smart] Defined TXT keys: Proprietary
flightdmp tcp Flight Data Monitoring Protocol [Brad_Head] [Brad_Head] 2013-02-07 Defined TXT keys: None
flightdmp udp Flight Data Monitoring Protocol [Brad_Head] [Brad_Head] 2013-02-07 Defined TXT keys: None
flir-ircam tcp FLIR Infrared Camera [FLIR_Systems_AB] [Bjorn_Roth][Klas_Malmborg] 2011-10-20 Defined TXT keys: Proprietary
fmserver-admin FileMaker Server Administration Communication Service [Eric_Jacobson] [Eric_Jacobson] Defined TXT keys: None
fontagentnode FontAgent Pro [Insider_Software] [Insider_Software] Defined TXT keys: None
foxtrot-serv FoxTrot Search Server Discovery Service [Jerome_Seydoux] [Jerome_Seydoux] Defined TXT keys: None
foxtrot-start FoxTrot Professional Search Discovery Service [Jerome_Seydoux] [Jerome_Seydoux] Defined TXT keys: None
frameforge-lic FrameForge License [James_W_Walker] [James_W_Walker] Defined TXT keys: Proprietary
freehand FreeHand MusicPad Pro Interface Protocol [Ted_Schroeder] [Ted_Schroeder] Defined TXT keys: None
frog Frog Navigation Systems [Rene_Jager] [Rene_Jager] Defined TXT keys: type, name, id
ftpcroco Crocodile FTP Server [Xnet_Communications] [Xnet_Communications] Defined TXT keys: None
fv-cert udp Fairview Certificate [Jim_Lyle_2] [Jim_Lyle_2] Defined TXT keys: DevID=<device id>, DevPK=<device public key>
fv-key udp Fairview Key [Jim_Lyle_2] [Jim_Lyle_2] Defined TXT keys: KeyID=<device id>
fv-time udp Fairview Time/Date [Jim_Lyle_2] [Jim_Lyle_2] Defined TXT keys: None
garagepad Entrackment Client Service [Talkative_AB] [Talkative_AB] Defined TXT keys: None
giffer tcp gif collection browsing [Taber_Buhl] [Taber_Buhl] 2015-09-24 Defined TXT keys: version=<protocol version>
gforce-ssmp G-Force Control via SoundSpectrum's SSMP TCP Protocol [Andy_O_Meara] [Andy_O_Meara] Defined TXT keys: None
glasspad GlassPad Data Exchange Protocol [Emmanuel_Merali] [Emmanuel_Merali] Defined TXT keys: guid
glasspadserver GlassPadServer Data Exchange Protocol [Emmanuel_Merali] [Emmanuel_Merali] Defined TXT keys: guid
glrdrvmon OpenGL Driver Monitor [Dave_Springer] [Dave_Springer] Defined TXT keys: None
googexpeditions tcp Service related to Google Expeditions which is a technology for enabling multi-participant virtual fieldtrip experiences over a local wireless network. See for more details [Google_Inc] [Jason_Schiller] 2015-07-31 Defined TXT keys: None
googexpeditions udp Service related to Google Expeditions which is a technology for enabling multi-participant virtual fieldtrip experiences over a local wireless network. See for more details [Google_Inc] [Jason_Schiller] 2015-07-31 Defined TXT keys: None
googlecast tcp Service related to Google Cast which is a technology for enabling multi-screen experiences. See for more details [Google_Inc] [Jason_Schiller] 2014-01-16 Defined TXT keys: None
goorstop tcp For iOS Application named GoOrStop [Charlie_Kim] [Charlie_Kim] 2012-08-28 Defined TXT keys: None
gopro-wake udp GoPro proprietary protocol to wake devices [GoPro] [Joe_Enke] 2014-10-13 Defined TXT keys: model, fw_version, platform_version, protocol_version, mac_address
gopro-web udp GoPro proprietary protocol for devices [GoPro] [Joe_Enke] 2014-10-13 Defined TXT keys: model, fw_version, platform_version, protocol_version, mac_address
gotit tcp Network name Got It! [Bill_Vlahos] [Bill_Vlahos] 2013-12-13 Defined TXT keys: info=name
gpnp Grid Plug and Play [David_Brower] [David_Brower] Defined TXT keys: None
grillezvous Roxio ToastAnywhere(tm) Recorder Sharing Defined TXT keys: AppID=<application id> KeyHash=<application license key hash>
groovesquid tcp Groovesquid Democratic Music Control Protocol [www_nsovocal_com] [Ruben_Beltran] 2011-10-18 Defined TXT keys: None
growl Growl Defined TXT keys: None
gsremotecontrol tcp General Satellite set-top box remote control [General_Satellite] [Sergey_Zubov] 2014-02-25 Defined TXT keys: None
gucam-http tcp Image Data Transfer API for Wi-Fi Camera Devices over HTTP [Ripplex_Inc] [Hiroshi_Matsuda] 2013-03-04 Defined TXT keys: device-name=<name of camera device>
guid Special service type for resolving by GUID (Globally Unique Identifier) Defined TXT keys: Varies; Depends on type of service being offered/resolved Although DNS-SD does not recommend or advocate using GUIDs as the primary name of an offered service why not?, it does support use of GUIDs as service names where developers want to use them that way. Typically users do not browse for GUIDs. They are not user-friendly and not very informative. Typically, the service is advertised as usual, using a user-friendly name. One of the TXT record attributes is a GUID for the service instance. Once the user has browsed and chosen the desired service instance via its user-friendly name, the service is resolved, the TXT record is retrieved, and the GUID is stored. A given network service instance is therefore being advertised two ways, for example: <User-Friendly-Name>._ptp._tcp.local <GUID>._guid._tcp.local On subsequent accesses to the service, the GUID-based name is resolved, and that particular service instance is discovered, even if the user has subsequently changed the user-friendly name to something else. Note: Although each different logical service type needs to have its own different DNS-SD service type, all GUID-based names use the same pseudo-type: "_guid._tcp". There is no possibility of name conflict because (by definition) GUIDs are globally unique.
h323 H.323 Real-time audio, video and data communication call setup protocol [Will_MacDonald] [Will_MacDonald] Defined TXT keys: None
hbbtv-ait tcp HbbTV Application Information Table [HbbTV_Association] [Paul_Higgs] 2015-09-09 Defined TXT keys: None
help HELP command [RFC1078] TCP Port Service Multiplexer (TCPMUX)
hg Mercurial web-based repository access Defined TXT keys: None path=<file system pathname to repository> description=<descriptive name of repository>
hinz HINZMobil Synchronization protocol [Jorg_Laschke] [Jorg_Laschke] Defined TXT keys: None
hmcp Home Media Control Protocol [Will_Lahr] [Will_Lahr] Defined TXT keys: None
hola tcp An application to communicate with other [Navneet_Gupta] [Navneet_Gupta] 2017-09-05 Defined TXT keys: None
home-sharing iTunes Home Sharing [Amandeep_Jawa_3] [Amandeep_Jawa_3] Defined TXT keys: txtvers, hQ, iTSh Version, MID, Database ID, dmb, Version, OSsi, hG, hC, Machine ID
homeauto iDo Technology Home Automation Protocol [Tony_de_Rijk] [Tony_de_Rijk] Defined TXT keys: None


ID Name Organization Contact URI Last Updated
[Aaron_L_Bratcher] Aaron L. Bratcher mailto:aaronlbratcher& 2011-10-17
[Amandeep_Jawa_3] Amandeep Jawa mailto:daap&
[Andy_O_Meara] Andy O'Meara mailto:andy&
[Ben_Lewis] Ben Lewis mailto:apple&
[Bill_Vlahos] Bill Vlahos mailto:bvlahos& 2013-12-13
[Bjorn_Roth] Bjorn Roth FLIR Systems AB mailto:bjorn.roth& 2011-10-20
[Brad_Head] Brad Head mailto:brad.head& 2013-02-07
[Charlie_Kim] Charlie Kim mailto:charlie.bea.utiful& 2012-08-28
[Chris_Eich] Chris Eich Enphase Energy, Inc. mailto:ceich& 2011-11-08
[Claes_Fredrik_Mannby] Claes-Fredrik Mannby mailto:cf&
[Dan_Amstutz] Dan Amstutz mailto:dan&
[Dan_Goff] Dan Goff mailto:Dan.Goff&
[Daniel_Stodle] Daniel Stodle mailto:daniels&
[Darrin_Smart] Darrin Smart mailto:dns-sd&
[Datacolor] Datacolor mailto:hbarber& 2011-10-14
[Dave_Lindquist_2] Dave Lindquist mailto:dlindquist&
[Dave_Springer] Dave Springer mailto:daves&
[David_Brower] David Brower mailto:david.brower&
[Deepam] Deepam mailto:jaatdeepam& 2017-12-29
[Delphix_Corp] Delphix Corp mailto:peng.dai& 2012-11-01
[DHANDAg] DHANDAg mailto:groupsdhanda& 2017-12-29
[EFKON_AG] EFKON AG mailto:t.kemmer& 2011-10-20
[Elgato] Elgato mailto:support&
[Emmanuel_Merali] Emmanuel Merali mailto:emumerali&
[Enphase_Energy_Inc] Enphase Energy, Inc. mailto:ceich& 2011-11-08
[Eric_Gillet] Eric Gillet mailto:e.gillet&
[Eric_Jacobson] Eric Jacobson mailto:eric_jacobson&
[Extensis] Extensis mailto:webmaster&
[FLIR_Systems_AB] FLIR Systems AB mailto:bjorn.roth& 2011-10-20
[Gary_Atkinson] Gary Atkinson Stinky Kitten Limited mailto:gary& 2013-10-03
[Gaurav_Jain] Gaurav Jain Wi-Fi Alliance mailto:gjain& 2017-03-14
[General_Satellite] General Satellite mailto:office& 2014-02-25
[Geode_Software_Ltd] Geode Software Ltd mailto:mathew_waters& 2014-05-14
[Geoff_Back_3] Geoff Back mailto:geoff&
[Gerald_Aquila] Gerald Aquila mailto:gerald.aquila&
[Google_Inc] Google Inc. mailto:numbers& 2015-07-31
[GoPro] GoPro mailto:jenke& 2014-10-13
[Greg_McLaughlin] Greg McLaughlin mailto:ggregm&
[Guy_Meyer] Guy Meyer mailto:rominar&
[HbbTV_Association] HbbTV Association mailto:info&
[Heath_Barber] Heath Barber Datacolor mailto:hbarber& 2011-10-14
[Hiroshi_Matsuda] Hiroshi Matsuda Ripplex Inc. mailto:gucam& 2013-03-04
[Insider_Software] Insider Software
[Jack_Visoky] Jack Visoky mailto:jmvisoky& 2017-10-06
[James_W_Walker] James W. Walker mailto:jamesw&
[Jason_Schiller] Jason Schiller Google Inc. mailto:jschiller& 2015-07-31
[Jerome_Seydoux] Jerome Seydoux mailto:jerome&
[Jim_Lyle_2] Jim Lyle mailto:jim.lyle&
[Joakim_Johansson] Joakim Johansson mailto:joakim.johansson&
[Joe_Enke] joe enke GoPro mailto:jenke& 2014-10-13
[Joel_Aaron_Clipperton] Joel Aaron Clipperton Shifted Current LLC mailto:joel& 2012-09-11
[John_Hogg] John Hogg mailto:it&
[John_Schilling] John Schilling mailto:john&
[Jorg_Laschke] Jorg Laschke mailto:laschke&
[Kerry_Hazelgren] Kerry Hazelgren mailto:hazelgren&
[Kiel_University_of_Applied_Sciences] Kiel University of Applied Sciences mailto:info& 2016-06-19
[Kiren_Sekar_2] Kiren Sekar mailto:kiren&
[Klas_Malmborg] Klas Malmborg FLIR Systems AB mailto:Klas.Malmborg& 2011-10-20
[Loren_Barr] Loren Barr mailto:lbarr& 2006-12
[Marc_Krochmal] Marc Krochmal mailto:marc&
[Mark_Jackson] Mark Jackson Nuance Communications, Inc. mailto:Mark.Jackson& 2011-10-27
[Mark_Schmatz] Mark Schmatz mailto:ditrios&
[Massive_Flow_Product] Massive Flow Productions mailto:info&
[Mathew_Waters] Mathew Waters Geode Software Ltd mailto:mathew_waters& 2014-05-14
[Matthew_MacKenzie] Matthew MacKenzie mailto:mattm&
[Matthias-Christian_Ott] Matthias-Christian Ott 2016-06-19
[Michael_S_Bogovich] Michael S. Bogovich mailto:info&
[Morpho_Detection_LLC] Morpho Detection LLC mailto:nsubrama& 2016-07-19
[Natarajan_Subramanian] Natarajan Subramanian mailto:nsubrama& 2016-07-19
[Navneet_Gupta] Navneet Gupta mailto:gupta-navneet& 2017-09-05
[Nicolas_Bouilleaud] Nicolas Bouilleaud mailto:nbouilleaud&
[Nuance_Communications_Inc] Nuance Communications, Inc. mailto:Mark.Jackson& 2011-10-27
[Oriol_Ferrer_Mesia] Oriol Ferrer Mesia mailto:tm05788&
[Paul_Higgs] Paul Higgs mailto:paul.higgs&
[Peng_Dai] Peng Dai Delphix Corp mailto:peng.dai& 2012-11-01
[Quentin_Glidic] Quentin Glidic mailto:sardemff7& 2013-06-05
[Ranchero_Software] Ranchero Software mailto:info&
[Rene_Jager] Rene Jager mailto:renej&
[Ripplex_Inc] Ripplex Inc. mailto:gucam& 2013-03-04
[Rob_MacGregor] Rob MacGregor mailto:rob.macgregor&
[Rogue_Amoeba] Rogue Amoeba mailto:earphoria&
[Ruben_Beltran] Ruben Beltran del Rio mailto:ben& 2011-10-18
[Sergey_Zubov] Sergey Zubov General Satellite mailto:zubov& 2014-02-25
[Shifted_Current] Shifted Current LLC mailto:ask& 2012-09-11
[Smith_Micro] Smith Micro mailto:cs&
[Stinky_Kitten_Limited] Stinky Kitten Limited mailto:info& 2013-10-03
[Stuart_Cheshire_5] Stuart Cheshire mailto:cheshire&
[Support_Team] Support Team mailto:support&
[Taber_Buhl] Taber Buhl mailto:taber& 2015-09-24
[Talkative_AB] Talkative AB mailto:support&
[Ted_Schroeder] Ted Schroeder mailto:tschroeder&
[Thomas_Kemmer] Thomas Kemmer EFKON AG mailto:t.kemmer& 2011-10-20
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[Tommy_van_der_Vorst] Tommy van der Vorst mailto:tommy&
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[Wi-Fi_Alliance_3] Wi-Fi Alliance mailto:gjain& 2017-03-14
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[William_Dillon] William Dillon mailto:wdillon&
[www_nsovocal_com] mailto:ben& 2011-10-18
[Xnet_Communications] Xnet Communications mailto:croco&
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[base_t_Interactive] 10base-t Interactive mailto:support&