Protocol Registration Forms

Registration forms are listed below. If we don’t have a registry-specific form, the General Protocol Registration Request Form should be used.

Before you submit a request, check the registry for its registration procedure(s) and reference document(s). Common procedures are defined in RFC 8126, but the RFC that defines the registry may include more detailed instructions. You can find a list of registries here.

Note: if a registration procedure requires RFC publication, it may be possible to obtain an early allocation. Early allocations are marked as TEMPORARY in the registry and must be reviewed annually. Early allocation requests must be submitted by the relevant IETF WG chair. For further requirements, see RFC 7120.

Registry Registration Form
Private Enterprise Numbers (PEN) Request PEN Assignment
Modify Existing PEN Assignment
Multicast Addresses Request IPv4 Assignment
Request IPv6 Assignment
Media Types Request Media Type Registration
Port Numbers and Service Names Request Port Number and/or Service Name Assignment
Modify Existing Port Number/Service Name Assignment
ifTypes Request ifType Assignment
tunnelTypes Request tunnelType Assignment
Media Feature Tags Use Media Feature Tag Template and submit to
All other protocol registries General Protocol Registration Request Form