Application for IANA tunnelType

Please complete the following application to register an IANA tunnelType.

For information on guidelines and registration procedures, please review:

For the current IANA tunnelType registries, please see the following:

A label for a named-number enumeration must consist of one or more letters or digits, up to a maximum of 64 characters, and the initial character must be a lower-case letter. (However, labels longer than 32 characters are not recommended.) Note that hyphens are not allowed. (RFC 2578, section 7.1.1)

The long name will appear in the registry's Description field.

Provide a description of the proposed use of the IANA tunnelType. You should include answers to the following questions:

  • How would IP run over your tunnelType?
  • Would there be another interface sublayer between your tunnelType and IP?
  • Would your tunnelType be vendor-specific or proprietary? (If so, the label MUST start with a string that shows that. For example, if your company's name or acronym is xxx, then the tunnelType label would be something like xxxSomeTunnelTypeLabel.)
  • Would your tunnelType require or allow vendor-specific extensions? If so, would the vendor use their own tunnelType in a sub-layer below the requested tunnelType, or a sub-type of the tunnelType, or some other mechanism?

Provide a reference, such as to the Internet-Draft, RFC or other specification that defines this tunnelType.

Optionally provide other relevant information you would like us to consider.

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